Sharing Stories Of Ghost Shadows And Scarry Stuff


Well i live in the netherlands and in my youth i have experienced an encounter with some sort of entity for several years.

It all happend every night in the period 1983-1985 after dark.
Every night when i went to sleep i saw a shadow coming out of my sisters room walking towards me.
this is how it went.

The shadow (a very big person apr. 1m90cm tall) would stand in my sisters doorway for a few (20) seconds then it started to wave with its arm (sideways) for also apr. 20 seconds.
After the waving it slowly came walking towards me (the distance was about 10 mtr) and stopt right beside my bed at this time i (as i remember) could only see a shadow of some sort of person (i couldn’t see a face).
It would stand there for a few seconds and then it would bent over towards me.
At that time i always got scared and closed my eyes and i turned facing the wall (this was the only position i could sleep for my entire childhood).
But, here’s the strange thing.
Everytime when i opened my eyes (right after i turned away) and looked again the whole sequence started all over again.
It would stand again in my sisters doorway, walked towards me, bent over, i closed my eyes, it stands again in the doorway etc. etc.)
This went on every night.

After 2 years of not sleeping that well (’cause i was scared) i switched rooms with my sister. After the switch i have never seen it again and my sister never saw it.

Could someone tell me what is was.. was it sending a message or something.
Or was i imagening everything.
I have told many people about it and nobody could explain it.
The house i lived in that time was built in 1970 so it wasn’t that old.
The only person was dead at that time was my grandfather but he wasn’t that big.