Shocking Video of Anguished Man’s Ghost

There’s something about haunted paintings that excites something within us all – something horrifying and yet so very intuitive to us all.  There’s a sort of horrifying primal nature to paintings.  As artists carefully draw out the paint out the images they’re depicting they’re tapping into something deeper within themselves.  And that’s the thing that so much appeals to us all.  And so when one artist found himself so anguished as to make this disturbing piece, he incorporated his own blood into the painting and shortly thereafter reportedly killed himself.  But when we first brought you this story it was just a haunted painting.  And yet since then the painting has taken a very definite turn for the strange.  The ghost associated with it has now been videotaped.

The footage, which came about after the man taping the incident continued his ongoing investigation has a definite genuine ring to it.  Unlike so many other presentations involving paranormal entities, this footage simply indicates the original painting’s story may have more to it than previously suspected.  And in fact this spirit may not be satisfied with simply making sounds and knocking boxes over while the picture lies in wait leaning against the wall with that awful perpetual howl emblazoned across its canvas face.  Instead, the entity appears to have left the painting and started making appearances elsewhere around the house.

First the entity appeared outside of the camera manipulating objects and moving them or whispering off camera.  Now a new and even stranger phenomenon manifests as a strange sound similar to the raspy whispering of a very tired voice can be heard what sounds to be very close to the microphone of the recording device.  And as the footage continues, soon we can see the next point which appears to be – quite incredibly- the ghost of the Anguished Man hovering in front of the camera lens.  Both are quite disturbing pieces of footage within the latest release by the owner of this haunted painting who uploaded the videos under the name MrModnation.

This exciting update only goes further in suggesting that whatever is going on with the Anguished Man is the real deal.  Something very strange is going on with this painting.  And the more we look into it, the more we cannot help but look at the picture of the man himself shrieking at some unknown assailant as if to impart some strange and terrible secret to any who dare listen close enough to him.  Why is he shrieking?  We may never know.

So what is the Anguished man?  Poltergeist?  Demon?  In the end there is only one party that may be able to judge the answer, and that is the viewer.  But having seen a great number of strange paranormal videos, this one certainly seems genuine.