Store Hires Medium to Solve Ghost Mystery

A ghost captured on closed circuit security television outside a small store called “Simply Food & Drinks” in Botcherby England, has drafted a medium to hopefully communicate with the deceased entity and tell it to stop interfering with business and find peace.  The entity has allegedly appeared to several different visiting news agencies, which claim to have caught the phantom on camera.

The road shop first caught the images of a wispy phantom figure floating around outside its rear entrance around the loading area, and after being uploaded to the internet has been downloaded more than five thousand times by excited paranormal enthusiasts.  The wispy shape can be seen peeking  out of the wall and then assuming a smaller floating form where it hovers around the immediate vicinity as though it were shape-shifting in mid air.  The video footage was watched live by store staff that could not discern what it was or where it had come from for over an hour.  The staff report that the figure appeared to even assume a roughly anthropomorphic form at one point as it hovered out of the store’s window/wall.  

Sue McKie, a manager at the store told News & Star magazine shortly after the sighting that the mysterious appearance of the entity continued even as the weekend began.  The misty figure understandably has her vexed, but she says nothing of this nature has ever happened before, “It was happening again over the weekend.  I don’t believe in ghosts but I can’t explain what is happening.  There may have been some very strange things going on.”

The manager said she had reported the happening to the head office, and they had wasted no time in contacting a medium before the situation got out of hand.  Sue went on to talk about the mysterious goings on around the store, “We have six cameras in the store and they have been randomly switching off, but the date and time have remained on the screen.”  She went on to indicate that the lights, though on a timer, have been turning on by themselves when no one is in the store and the doors are locked.  An investigation into who could be interfering turned up no leads.

As far as what the source of the ghostly apparition may be, leads have turned up nothing.  There is a theory that perhaps the ghost could be that of a deceased workman who was killed while renovations were ongoing at a flat across the street which is alleged to be haunted, or it could be the mysterious spirits haunting the flat themselves.  The lenses of the cameras have all been inspected and cleaned, yet the footage keeps appearing on all of them leading many to believe the source, whatever it may be, isn’t directly linked to the cameras or the lenses.  The medium brought in will hopefully sort out this disturbance once and for all, though locals aren’t complaining.  Since the sighting customers still move in and out of the place at will, and some are even curious about the mysterious haunt being spotted in the area.