Strange Phenomena within New York State


There are haunted places everywhere you turn, in every state and in every country. New York State is home to many haunted hotels and inns, as well as numerous landmarks. What makes these places haunted is told through the stories and tales of townsfolk and former residents. Some say there are ghosts who call the Empire State Building their home. In Northern New York, there have been U.F.O. sightings over Fort Drum and the sighting of ghosts at Fort Ontario.


Western New Yorkers tell stories regarding the Abominable Snowman, the Clawfoot People, as well as the Medina Crop Circles. In Southern New York, the tales speak of a Giant Ghost Pig, the Kinderhook Creature, as well as Night Riders. New York City is home to haunted places, such as the Belasco Theatre, the Bridge Café, the Ear Inn and the New Amsterdam Theatre. Long Island is home to the Lady in the Lake.


When you enter the Education Building in Albany, N.Y., you should be aware of the sub-basement area that has been dubbed “the dungeon.” The story goes that when the cement for the sub-basement was being laid down, a worker mysteriously disappeared. All that was found of his were house keys and his lunch, but he was nowhere in sight. It was assumed that he fell into the cement when the floor was being created and no one witnessed it. This is where the ghost story of “Jason” originates. Old documents and books are stored in the sub-basement and there have been many people who have reported strange things occurring in this area. It is said that he travels up and down the elevators with people, sending chills throughout their bodies. Jason is considered to be a “friendly” ghost because no one has ever been hurt by encountering him. He is said to help people find books that they cannot locate. Books mysteriously fall from the shelves, being the one the seeker was in search off.


The Aurora Inn, located off of Route 90 in Aurora, N.Y., is home to a ghost referred to as “The White Lady.” She is suspected of haunting the hotel and lobby area of the inn. The story behind her existence is that by Cayuga Lake, an old building caught on fire, killing three. These three became ghosts: two males who haunt the shore and a “white lady” who haunts to hotel.


Another “Lady in White” can be found in Huntington, N.Y. roaming about Sweet Hollow Road. This ghost, who is also called “Mary,” comes from a woman whose jealous boyfriend pushed her out of a moving car. As she lay in the street, injured and dazed, another car hit her. It is said that she wanders about the road, in search of her killer. There are also reports of an apparition jumping in front of passing cars in this area, assumed to be the ghost of Mary. Variations of the story state that her grave can be located in the cemetery found on Sweet Hollow Rd.


Wyoming County is considered to be an environmentally preserved area consisting of 100 acres of land. Today, a park with horse trails can be found, but there have been a number of people who have claimed to see apparitions of massacred Indians at this location. Another tale of the land claims that once every year, members of a nearby Indian Reservation will enter the state lands; disappear, returning the next morning.