Supernatural Movie Trivia and Facts: “White Noise” (2005)

Depending on who you speak to, the dead can communicate in the living and sometimes in ways that you would least expect, which is one of the main points of the supernatural-related film titled “White Noise.” In this article, you will learn about the plot, EVP, as well as interesting facts and trivia concerning the movie.

The Plot

It happened unexpectedly , architect Jonathan Rivers is now a grieving widower after the death of his pregnant wife. When Rivers comes in contact with a paranormal expert that tells him that it is possible to hear his beloved in the afterlife. Turning towards an odd method of communication, called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), rivers is able to catch sight of his wife. However, he becomes obsessed in the process and ultimately places himself in a position that threatens the spirits of the beyond who aren’t too happy with the interference that Rivers causes.

In the movie, Michael Keaton plays Jonathan Rivers, while Chandra West plays his wife, Anna Rivers. Deborah Kara Unger also appears in the film as Sarah Tate.

What is EVP?

EVP (better known as Electronic Voice Phenomena) deals with pockets of static noise that comes through the radio (or electronic recordings). Some people believe that if you listen hard enough, you will detect voices that are uttering recognizable words. If you ask a paranormal investigator, many will state that these are the voices of ghosts or spirits attempting to make contact with the living.

It is not uncommon to see some people show interest in recording EVP, as a way to capture the sounds or come in contact with the souls of their deceased loved ones. It has also become a fun ghost hunting activity for those interested in the paranormal.

“White Noise” Facts and Trivia

This movie has been classified in the categories of drama, horror, mystery, thriller, and science fiction.

In the trailer for “White Noise,” viewers are made to think they are listening to the “ghostly” voice of Stanley Searles (a former politician who died in 2002) utter “I love you.” However, it was a recording that Searles’ daughter made. She is interestingly an acclaimed EVP researcher. Her name is Karen Mossey.

At the Golden Trailer Awards, the movie won a Golden Fleece for Golden Trailer Best Horror
For EVP. At the Teen Choice Awards, the movie was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the category of Choice Movie Scary Scene for the scene that starred Michael Keaton, where he is staring at television static until a spirit comes into view.

Blink and you will miss this interesting fact. About one second before the “White Noise” title card appears on the screen, there is a split-second subliminal “flash” of a skeletal image. If you notice, right after the final blackout that takes place at the end of the film, you will encounter another “flash” of an image, which one can assume is Michael Keaton. This vision fades into the static.  

“White Noise” was filmed at Burnaby Hospital in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, as well as in parts of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.