Sussex Sewer Monster Case Still Unsolved

When ghost hunters were called in to the Sussex water treatment and waste management plant, they realized there was something eerie in the way the figure that had been stalking workers was described.  Those who had seen the figure reminded them of a zombie as it followed them at a distance in the dark tunnels, never carrying its own light source, but also never responding to workers who would call out its name.

Paranormal investigators found it difficult to discover any reliable method of documenting the creature.  The sounds of the area were unpredictable, and often quite loud making EVP detection very difficult.  In addition to that, the lack of light in the area made it difficult to videotape and massive artificial lights would have raised the possibility for false positives on dust particles disguised as orbs.  And the amount of electrical equipment mixed with the material the tunnels were made from and the location made it nearly impossible for Electromagnetic Frequency readers to give reliable readings.  The only real evidence they would be able to detect was from the psychic they employed.  After the psychic read the area, she told the team she was receiving some very definite impulses from all around, but this could have also been a false positive due to the electromagnetic field generated within the tunnels.  As a result, the investigators declared this case unsolved and came and went in the news and still remains unsolved to this day.

Workers affiliated with the sewage treatment plant, to this day say they occasionally will see the figure shuffling in the distance down the tunnel.  If a flashlight is shown directly at him, he will stop and simply watch, but no detailed description of the man has ever been reported.  As a result of his mysterious gait, many have taken to calling the man a “zombie.”

Others who have been in the tunnels have reported hearing muffled conversations coming from within the walls, or around the corner and echoing through the hallways.  Though no one has ever heard the actual content of the conversations in an appreciable way that allows them to discover their content, the workers who have overheard them definitely report that the mystery-talkers speak English and hold their voices in low tones, as though whispering about the person who is making repairs, often alone, or performing maintenance.

Could it merely be a mentally ill person who has somehow found his way into the treatment facility and lives in the pipes?  Or is there another explanation that seems more supernatural?  It’s hard to say.  One thing’s for certain, though: the workers have most certainly earned a living working in such spooky conditions day after day.  The massive amounts of isolation mixed with the dungeon-like atmosphere and rumors of a paranormal interloper are certainly enough to drive even the bravest of workers to carry an extra set of flashlights and occasionally wish to sleep with the lights on.  And if anyone ever finds the mysterious person, ghost, zombie, or whatever it may be, we’ll be sure to let you know.