Taking a Look at Haunted Hotels and Homes in Oregon

When looking for a scary thrill when traveling throughout Oregon, you may want to catch a few “zzzz” at an establishment with an interesting tale to tell. In this article, you will learn what haunted hot spots are perfect to stay up all night and wait for ghosts to wander through the wall.

Baker Hotel , Baker City

There have been reports of unexplainable parties that have taken place on the second floor , with an emphasis on one particular room. The long stairway located in the hotel is said to present the vision of ghostly streetwalkers descending to the first floor.

New Redmond Hotel , Redmond

The hallways of this hotel have been known to produce the odd sounds of footsteps that pace back and forth at night. Some people have taken pictures about the hotel to catch the paranormal activity on film and have generated flicks of the lobby hall where clearly defined orbs have been captured. In the middle of night, guests have complained of a ‘strange’ presence in their rooms. Some reports include the apparition of a woman who supposedly haunts the premises.

Bush House , Salem

In Salem, there is a former residence (known as Bush House), which now serves as an art gallery. It is said that a ghost that dates back from the turn of the century calls this space her stomping grounds. Legend has it that a young woman who was a victim of schizophrenia was held against her will in the basement of the home, as her family were too ashamed to have her seen in public. Sadly, the woman died in the basement and is thought to haunt the house. The owners of the gallery have a few residents who dwell in the upstairs portion of the establishment and have received reports that the ghost of a woman will play around with their thermostat.

Hot Lake Hotel , La Grande

Built in 1907 , the Hot Lake Hotel is a resort that possessed the curative powers of hot springs. Sadly, the establishment burned to the ground in 1934 , leaving behind only the brick portion of the building. After the incident, the hotel served as an insane asylum, which was later turned into a nursing during the 1970s. On the premises, there have been reports of odd piano playing when the instrument didn’t even exist in the building. In the hallways, strange footsteps were detected. A great deal of people believes some of the odd occurrences to take place here are because of a gardener who is said to have hung himself behind the hotel. A wide range of strange accidents has been also known to take place at this site.

McLoughlin House , Oregon City

This historical building has been transformed into a museum that is believed to serve as the haunting grounds for Dr. John Mcloughlin and his wife.

The Hurst Home , Myrtle Point

A handful of people claim to have encountered the unexplainable appearances of a ghost who has been named ‘Mikey.’