Taking a Look at Haunted Huntsville

The economically sound city of Huntsville can be found in Alabama, which possesses a history of wealth, as the cotton industry brought a hoard of wealthy landowners and planters from Georgia, Virginia, and the Carolinas. If you get a chance to pass through the city or if you live in the vicinity, you might want to see some of the scary tales that lurk in the shadows of the attractions and locations scattered about the area. In this article, a haunted mansion, cemetery, and even a playground are mentioned.


One of the most well known haunted places in Huntsville includes the Carter Mansion, which is haunted by the ghost of a woman by the name of Sally Carter. Before finding a final resting place at the Maple Hill Cemetery in an unmarked grave, she was once buried on the Carter Estate. Witnesses claim to have seen her spirit walking about the premises and believe she is behind the occasional falling of her headstone. Despite being transferred from the property, her ghost is still seen on the grounds. Today, the house is part of a gated community, where she is known to toss pillows about the room, as well as move furniture. You should know that getting inside the gate will be quite hard without an appointment and no trespassing is highly enforced.


The place where Sally Carter now rests (Maple Hill Cemetery) is also home to another ghost. An elderly woman who died and was placed in the family burial house is said to haunt the premises. In life, the woman was quite attached to her antique rocking chair. In the crypt, they placed the chair inside to be with in the afterlife. It is said if you put your ear to the crypt, you will be able to hear the sounds of a rocking chair moving back and forth.


Located next to the same cemetery, you will encounter a play area known as the “Dead Children’s Playground.” It is believed that the ghosts of children often frequent the playground, swinging in the swings. This is assumed since they have been seen moving on their own without anyone on them. Ghosts of children have been seen when the night is quite late, usually between 11:00pm to 3:00am.

Huntsville is also home to Hell’s Gates (Green Mountain). A pair of large black gates can be found close to a mile from the base of the mountain, which is said to keep intruders out from the imposing mansion located in the mountains. Some claim when they have sat in front of the gates while in their car, another vehicle will come out of nowhere and chase away visitors. Then, just as fast as it appeared, it will vanish.


The Kent Robertson Park is named after a young boy, who died on the grounds one summer. On the premises, a memory stone can be found, but if you are brave enough to pay a visit during the night, you will find hear noises, which suggest that his spirit may have not fully left the park.