Tales from the House of Haunted Dolls

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Gloria is one of the myriad haunted dolls Kimberly cares for.During the interview with Kimberly about her haunted doll adoption agency, she also shared a few incidents surrounding events that had happened around the dolls themselves as she offered advice on how to have a positive experience with haunted objects such as dolls.

Kimberly shares an account of one doll with a spirit living inside it called Christian.  But then after purchasing the doll, Kimberly discovered that the entity inhabiting the doll was not named Christian and was not the spirit of a young boy as had been described to her by the previous seller.  Instead, she learned that the spirit inhabiting the doll was named Neville and was not a young boy, but rather an older gentleman.  As the doll sat in her house, Kimberly shortly thereafter was cooking in her kitchen when a strange shadow started walking through the house while the doll looked on.  The area of darkness the shadow was occupying actually even cast its own shadow on the wall as Kimberly looked on.  The light had been streaming in through the windows at about lunch time in the next room, so the effect of the shadow standing in the doorway of the connecting kitchen was very dramatic.  Soon afterward, she found a family for Neville.

The woman purchasing Neville too had an unusual experience.  The witness to the events, who shall remain anonymous, wrote to Kimberly after receiving the doll saying she had felt a rush of energy after walking through the door to her office where it had been delivered.  After opening the box she felt as though someone were following her with a sort of electrical energy emanating from them manifesting even as a buzzing feeling in her ears.  Elsewhere in the office an employee who may not have even been aware of Neville’s haunted nature said someone had come near them and flipped a file over in their presence.  Though no one saw the source of the mysterious energy, after learning of the haunted doll Neville they may have considered something quite unusual was up with the doll.  And at least one adoptee has noticed these entities following them even while traveling great distances away from the dolls such as on vacation.

Above all else, Kimberly stressed that those involving themselves with paranormal entities should be aware of what they are getting into.  She says that cleansing a haunted object prior to entering your home is paramount, since there’s often no telling what sort of negative energy may have attached itself to the object.  Furthermore, she says that when purchasing a haunted doll one should always ask about the nature of the entity from the seller and ask if any evidence (such as EVPs or photographs have been recovered.)  This closing statement was one of the most chilling as I wondered what it would be like to hear the EVP of a spectral entity coming from the seller of a haunted object only to later record your own session and discover the exact same voice inside your own home.

With those who have as much experience as Kimberly dealing in haunted objects, one cannot help but feel safer and realize that though it is certainly out of the ordinary the interactions between the living and the dead need not be hostile or terrifying.