Tales of Haunted Maryland Schools in Baltimore

When the bell rings for the next class and sleepy college students shuffle onto their next lecture , what kind of stories are lurking in the shadows of schools found in Maryland? In this article, you will learn about some of the haunted tales that surround some of the high schools and universities in the region.

University of Maryland , Baltimore

Head for the campus of the University of Maryland and you will encounter at least three sites that have a few haunted tales of their own. Let’s start with Davidge Hall, which has seen its fair share of people come and go. It has also served as a location for various events held throughout the years. Here , you will also find the oldest medical school building situated in the Western hemisphere. Teaching has always taken place on the premises.

Some of the reports regarding the hall may have something to do with all of the escape routes that it possesses. At the time, medical students would use the space to dissect cadavers and would use the routes to thwart the police, as it was illegal to perform such acts in the early 20th century. Most people who come to Davidge Hall often report feeling uneasy as they enter the building. Other documentation of this site involves unexplainable voices and sounds.

The Medical Center is another haunted fixture at the university, as it was once a morgue in its previous life. Those who watch over the place have reported hearing odd noises and feeling as if they weren’t the only ones on the premises at night. Usually, people are pretty reluctant to enter the basement. At the Stamp Student Union, there is a history of lights going on and off. Elevators will run when no one is riding them. Doors also open and close at will. Other oddities include the sound of popping balloons and cold spots. There have also been reports that the smell of smoke is still detectable from a fire that burned a great deal of the building more than 20 years ago.

Mount de Sales Academy , Baltimore

Doors have been known to open and close on their own at this location, where a brightly colored, blue silhouette is said to walk by the windows.

Cardinal Gibbons School , Baltimore

In the past, this school was once called St. Mary’s Industrial School, which served as the early learning institution for Babe Ruth when he was a young boy. Some of the teachers who work here have reported that his ghost will haunt the school. There is one tale that seemed to have happened to the athletic director when he was in the basement of the gym one night. It was late and he heard the bouncing of a ball, but he was the only one on the premises. He went upstairs and found that the lights were on. No one could have gotten into the gym at the time and the lights needed at least tem minutes to warm up, he said. To this day , he has no explanation for the incident.