Tennessee Tales

The next time you are traveling through Tennessee, you should know that there are plenty of tales surrounding the state regarding cursed establishments and haunted locations. Some of these places can be visited, while others should remain a thought in the back of your mind. Areas, such as Clarksburg, Dover and Jefferson City, offer a chance to investigate some of these tales. 


In Clarksburg, there is an abandoned church called Palestine where a cemetery surrounds it. At this time, the church is not locked and visitors can still get inside. Some have claimed that at night, a person can be seen sitting at a piano, playing a variety of low notes. In the corner, there have been sightings of someone wearing a black cloak that is covering their face. When you are in the church, you will have the feeling that someone is “watching” you the entire time you are inside.


Another church that also has reports of black figures moving about inside, is the Copper Ridge Baptist Church in Powell. Some have also said that screams can be heard coming from an old barn that can be found about 100 yards away from the church. There has also been “proof” of strange occurrences when a group of boys left a tape recorder inside of the church. While they were listening to the tape, they could hear a girl’s voice saying, “Help us.” The boys returned and left the tape recorder inside for a longer period of time. This tape revealed things moving inside where after 15 minutes, footsteps could be heard walking towards the tape recorder, then turning it off.


Cemeteries have always had a good reputation of spooking people out who venture into one during the night. In Clarksville, the Resthaven Cemetery holds an eerie tale regarding a house located in the back of the cemetery. It is said to be that of a slave who raped and impregnated the slave owner’s daughter. The slave was murdered and there have been reports that the slave still haunts the house and cemetery, in search of his unborn child.


In Dover, the Fort Donelson National Battlefield Cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of Reuben Hammond, who was a Civil War infantryman. Tales claim that Reuben, who was buried in the cemetery, believes that it is his duty to keep watch over his fellow soldiers. He is not considered an unfriendly spirit, but to be a lonely soul who enjoys the company of others. Some claim that they have seen him waving to people from the top of the cemetery.


Knoxville, Tennessee also has its own haunted spots, including the Halls High School. The story behind this location deals with revenge regarding a young woman who was killed during the late 1970’s. She was arguing with her boyfriend, who pushed her down a flight of stairs where she was left for dead. When he returned to check on her, she was nowhere to be found. She had disappeared and was listed as a missing person. The boyfriend never revealed what had transpired between them. A year later on the day of the murder, the boyfriend was returning from a party. He was stabbed and left for dead. There was no weapon or suspect found in connection to his death, leaving some to believe that it was his girlfriend who returned from the dead to seek revenge. The high school stairwell has been the location for many odd occurrences, where the school board decided to lock the doors, forbidding anyone to enter. Night janitors have claimed to have heard arguing and sometimes a sound as if someone or something was falling down the stairs.