The Blue Lady of Berry Pomeroy: Part 2

Continuing the tale of the Blue Lady, we will conclude the example of the ghostly encounter as described in the diary of Doctor Farquhar, as well as highlight the recollection of a man who lived to tell his tale regarding a botched attempt by the Blue Lady to end his life.

After the odd encounter with the beautiful woman, the doctor was allowed to finally see his patient, who was very sick at the time. After examining her and reassuring all parties that she would make a fine recovery, he took the steward aside and explained to him the strange experience that he had in the waiting room. The steward became quite rattled and told the doctor that the woman he encountered was actually that of a ghost.

The steward was visibly upset after explaining the situation, but it wasn’t because he had to tell the tale of the ghost, but because of what seeing the ghost meant. The steward went on to further explain the deepness of such a sighting and proceeded to tell the doctor that the ghost has always brought about the death of a person that possessed a close connection to the house. He explained that the spirit had been encountered before. Shortly after, his son lost his life when he drowned in water.

The doctor immediately replied by telling the steward that he had nothing to fear about the health of his wife. He kept telling him that his wife would get better, but the steward was inconsolable. He could not let go of the curse associated with the Blue Lady and was sure that his wife would not live to see another day. Sadly, all of his fears fell true. The next day, his wife had passed away. She was dead by noon.

The Blue Lady has also earned herself the reputation of luring men to meet an untimely fate. This can be seen in the tale regarding a male visitor to the castle. It is said that the Blue Lady called out for him, as her figure was seen from a loft wall. Attracted by her appearance, he tried to reach her, but in his futile attempts, the masonry was too loose to hold him and faced a detrimental fall. Luck was definitely shining down upon him because he was able to avoid the fall by clinging his fingers into the wall.

Eventually, someone, who spotted the poor man in such disarray, rescued him. All he could ask of was “what happened to the lady in blue?” He was quite puzzled when he was told there was no such lady dressed in blue that he encounter. They told him that he had come face-to-face with a spirit.

Unlike other ghosts attached to Berry Pomeroy, the Blue Lady is not spiritually confined to just one section of the castle. She roams about the castle grounds looking for people to lure to dangerous places in the area that may result in their death. Throughout the years, the majority of her victims have been men. It is truly sad how the disturbing events in ones life can lead to torment and unhappiness upon entering the afterlife.