The Calls are Coming from Inside the House!

It’s no secret that ghost stories are often retold by virtue of them gripping the listener with a visceral and unexplained fear.  But the more ghost stories you hear, the more they seem to blend together.  And so after researching thousands of ghost stories, a few that have left a lasting impression do stand out.  Here are the abbreviated forms of a few of those stories.

The Phantom Phone Number – One of the classic ghost stories is one about a deceased relative who has passed on and begins telephoning family members to leave a message.  Unfortunately when this story was first told it was unconfirmed.  There were accounts of it happening, but usually from a friend of a friend.  Of course no one would ever be able to confirm the incredible claim because no record keeping system really existed.  It wasn’t until the 12th of September in 2008 when the cell phone belonging to a man who had died from a train wreck suddenly started making calls spontaneously and registering on those family members’ phones.  When they picked up the phone, however, all they would receive would be an unearthly static.  The body of Charles Peck, who had died in that fateful crash was discovered long before the 35 phone calls were made to loved ones.  The cell phone itself was never found.

The strangest thing about this case no doubt is the fact that no matter where you look, the story is absolutely confirmed as true.  Even checking in at the notoriously unforgiving (and reliable) Snopes website yielded a “True” by their standards.  But what could have caused this bizarre manifestation?  It’s completely unexplainable.

The Number of Death – Another classic comes this time from Russia which suggests that if you receive a phone call from a specific number and then call it back, you will die under mysterious circumstances within a short period of time.  This was the premise for the film “Missed Call” and has become popular in Japan as well.  Fortunately for those of us that just have to know the facts, this has been officially debunked.  In fact the number, 999-9999-9999 is not even that uncommon   Serving as the inspiration of a piece I would do on the subject after receiving the strange number I dialed it back personally and was not dragged into the shadows by a demonic looking witch.

Of course there are others who would say it’s only a matter of the true origins of the phone call.  Some of them are bound to be harmless, right?

The Phone Calls are Coming From Inside the House – Of course there’s the classic urban legend, from which this article gets its namesake.  The legend of someone leaving sinister messages only to have the hapless residents finally learn that the phone calls are coming from inside the house.  But that could never happen in real life, right?  Surely this urban legend is one that is to fantastic to believe.

The chances of this Urban Legend happening the same way are at the moment fairly slim.  In reality, an operator could not determine the exact location of a series of phone calls so quickly.  In fact, by the time you learned where the phone calls were really coming from it may already be too late.  This is one horror story that was around to scare us when we were children, but it has gotten even more disturbing with age.