The Contents of EVP – What Are They Saying to Us?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is similar to other hallmarks in the paranormal field in that they seem to respond to technology and the shifts in the species investigating them once in a great while.  And the presence of mysterious ghostly voices during paranormal investigations will often chill listeners and beg questions about what the afterlife must be like for paranormal entities.  But even while we look into the paranormal we see there are common threads in what these entities are saying to us.  But what exactly is that?

More often than not entities communicating through electronic voice recordings will make statements of a derisive nature or even sound angry or displeased that someone is there attempting to make contact with them.  Why is this?  What could the presence of someone acknowledging their presence bring that would make these entities so hostile?

“Get out,” is a commonly heard EVP.  It is short and unmistakable.  “Leave,” is another one.  And of course many experienced paranormal investigators still find themselves off guard when they hear their name followed by profane statements from beyond.  One possibility lies in the fact that these entities are often very old, and in areas where once very conservative families resided.  They are likely no more accustomed to interacting with the individuals present at the ghost hunt than they would have been in life.  And this may leave some explanation as to why they are so commonly isolated.

But this cannot be the whole explanation.  No matter the era, there were always those who had a passing interest in the paranormal.  In the 1890’s for example the spiritualist movement saw many of the most respected gentlemen and ladies of the time seeking contact with the other side.  And of course since then interest has evolved much until the present day, and yet remained constant.

So what other reason might there be?  Perhaps there is something about death itself or the circumstances behind so many deaths that carry with them common threads that serve to isolate an individual from the world they left behind.  Perhaps it is similar to a psychological complex that leaves people wishing they were alive still.  Perhaps if they remain behind wandering the corridors of their beloved or accursed home they wish to live in an illusion of life, and the presents of living beings only serves to remind them that they are something else.

The statements, however, are not overwhelmingly negative.  Sometimes EVPs can be quite helpful or even instructive to the investigators, suggesting there may be some curiosity or desire even after death.  And this communication, while often fleeting, is often helpful to those investigating a given paranormal location.

If you are collecting EVP, expect to hear statements like those mentioned, but do not allow them to frighten you.  Sometimes these unhelpful spirits even can turn out to be the investigator’s greatest ally when investigating a location and attempting to uncover what really happened there.