The Ghost Sightings of Aguas Buenas

In the previous article, you encountered various haunted sights about Puerto Rico, including Aguas Buenas , a municipality tucked away in the Central Mountain Range. If you’re interested in uncovering a wealth of spirits, ghosts, and apparitions in the region, consider the following sightings that have taken place in Aguas Buenas.

Restless Civil War Ghost

In the vicinity of Aguas Buenas, the ghost of a warrior from the civil war days of Puerto Rico has been reported to appear about a road in the region. On more than one occasion, the ghost has been seen marching. It is believed that leaving this ghost alone is the best course of action if you ever come in contact with its presence.

Feisty Female Ghost

A ghost sighting involving an elderly female holding a shotgun has been documented in Quebrada Las Bambuas, who seems to show herself at the stroke of midnight. Locals believe that she is the undead phantom of someone that once lived in the Aguas Buenas area.

Odd Sighting

In Los Sumideros, the ghost of a man who has names carved into his arms has been periodically reported to appear , always in the middle of the night.

Dead Wolf Ghost

With a mangled appearance, the spirit of a hunter has been seen dragging a dead wolf in Bairoa Park during the wee hours of the morning , just before the sun starts to rise into the sky. On occasion, the ghost has been reported to have dragged a dead body through nearby bushes.

Suicide or Homicide?

The ghost of a young woman has been seen on occasion to haunt the peak of Altos de San Luis. Those who have reported to have caught sight of this ghost claim that it is a rather frightening sight. She is often seen with a cord tied around her neck. Whoever the ghost may be, locals have a feeling that it is a past resident of Aguas Buenas who possessed a notable past.

In the Aguas Buenas region, there seems to be a great deal of tales and sightings that involve a wide range of ghosts and other unexplainable experiences. From youthful-looking ghosts in confederate uniforms to phantom medieval armor taking peeks at locals in Aguas Buenas, it seems that you’ll never know what you will bump into to. What do you think of the following tales?

·    A ghost that chugs blood from a glass.

·    The ghost of an elderly cleaning lady who travels on a raft throughout Aljibe las Curias while drinking orange juice.

·    A terrifying creature has been spotted on more than one occasion, appearing in the rear view mirror just before dawn. One report was given by a driver seeing something quite odd in the rear seat of a pickup.

·    Possessing a noticeably translucent body, a female ghost has been sighted resting in a chair within a home located in the area.

·    Beware of the old spirit of a man that likes to walk from trailer to trailer on dark nights. This neighborhood ghost possesses a large mustache , gray in color.