The Ghosts of Brumder Mansion I

The current owners of the Brumder Mansion feel a welcoming atmosphere about the property. High paranormal activity is nothing new at the bed and breakfast, which makes it a popular stop on the list of enthusiasts. In this article, you will learn about some of the ghostly presences thought to haunt the mansion.

The Brumder Mansion has seen its fair share of organized paranormal events and investigations. However, the current owners do not allow séances to take place or the use of Ouija boards because of the potential for extreme activity. A variety of mediums and psychics have paid a visit to the mansion. Previous ghost hunters and investigators claim to have come in contact with a spirit at the Brumder. EVPs have also been documented.

It is said that bringing a building to its original state and adding antique furnishings that belonged to non-residents can have an influence on the paranormal activity that occurs in a home. The first known paranormal experiences reported at Brumder Mansion were made by Carol Hirschi.

According to mediums that have visited the mansion, some of the spirits have had long-lasting connections to the property. Some psychics believe the aura and other features of the mansion attracts some spirits that are on their way to another location, but pass through for a spell. It is also said that some people are so attached to their possessions that they do not want to leave them behind in the afterlife and refuse to abandon such objects.

There have been five to six definite spirits associated with the mansion. The most significant out of all the spirits is an older female nicknamed Suzanne.

The exact origin of this ghost is not known, but some believe that it was a maiden aunt of the Brumders that loved at the house at some point in time. Other theories state that she was a governess, head housekeeper or possibly the caretaker of Henrietta (one of the first residents in the mansion).

A handful of mediums believe the female is 40 to 60 years old and that she likes being called Suzanne. One witness, who spotted her two times, has described her as wearing Victorian-style clothing and hairstyle. She was the first spirit to make her presence known to former owner, Carol Hirschi and others. Carol’s boyfriend claimed to have seen Suzanne from the waist up in solid form while he was in the Gold Room. The spirit appeared by the fireplace and was later seen dressed in a black formal gown by the central staircase.

Guests and patrons of Carol’s Cornerstone Theater (located in the basement) have also noted to see the ghost of a woman that seemed dressed in clothing similar to the kind worn during the early 20th century. The Gold Suite seems to be the ghost’s most favored place to be.