The Ghosts of Brumder Mansion II

While the ghost nicknamed Susanne was the first to make her presence known at the Brumder Mansion, she certainly wasn’t the last. In this article, you will encounter some of the other entities that have appeared to guests, staff, and paranormal enthusiasts at the mansion, including a middle-aged woman and “good doctor” figure.

Middle-Aged Spirit

Another female (thought between 30 and 40 years old) is believed to haunt the mansion. Some feel she lived at the home at one time , possibly during the early 1940s says one psychic. The ghost enjoys the bedrooms on the third the most and is described as a quiet, sensitive soul that can appear happy or sad depending on the circumstances. Her favorite activities are to sit by the window and watch the events taking place on the street below.

The ghost is thought to have been captured on EVP recordings on the third floor, where questions were asked of her, but her soft voice was too faint to comprehend. In March of 2010, one of the staff members reported seeing a mist or smokiness above one of the beds that lingered for about one minute before vanishing.  

Male Spirit

A male spirit has been described as having a “supervising presence” as if he is watching over the actions of the owners. Some feel that he is the former owner or manager of Brumder Mansion. George’s Suite is the place in the mansion that he frequents the most. He is described as being friendly, playful at times, and a fan of the parlor. His presence has also been felt in the ballroom theatre.

The male spirit has gradually increased his contact with investigators and others who visit the mansion. He may knock on wood to respond to questions, as well as tap on chairs. A staff member once recalled feeling a cool breeze brush past her face and hair, and then saw the curtain move. Perhaps this was the spirit’s way of making contact with her.

The “Good Doctor”

Another male ghost has been nicknamed the ‘Good Doctor’ because of his appearance. One witness says that he looked about 60 years old with a beard. He was reportedly wearing a duster.  While he has been felt all over the mansion, the ghost seems to prefer the George Suite and the third floor. He’s also been described as a practical joker (not in a negative way), but teasing others is not out of the question with the “Good Doctor.”

Other ghosts documented to haunt the mansion include the male spirit of a maintenance man (possibly of Scottish descent) and a female entity believed to be between 20 and 28 years old. One psychic/medium believes that the male once worked at the Brumder mansion when the property was used as an after hours place under the ownership of Sam Pick.