The Ghosts of Canandaigua, New York

Ghost tales are everywhere in the United States, showcasing the legends of those lurking in the shadows of cemeteries and wandering about their former residences. When it comes to the state of New York, there are some pretty interesting stories attached to the state, including the Canandaigua, where a host of ghost stories and paranormal documentation can be explored. In this article, we will meet a few notable characters that seem to have strayed from their place in the afterlife.


As this tract of land was first becoming its own establishment, Native Americans first called this area their home. Europeans settlers descended upon the land and took over what they believed was there’s to be. One of the opposing leaders during the time was a Seneca chief and impressive wordsmith named Red Jacket. He was quite outspoken when it came to issues dealing with his people and the land they loved so. He openly expressed his beliefs and thoughts on the situation at hand because the Europeans were dead set on purchasing the land.


Although he moved many to side with his way of thinking, he was unable to sway the Iroquois, who in 1797 agreed upon a contract of sale. It is said that the ghost of Red Jacket still roams about his former residence, where he voices his unhappiness and anger that the “white man” was able to purchase their land.


Another Canandaigua ghost is named Jemima Wilkinson, who is blamed for many paranormal occurrences that occur in the locality. During the 18th century, Wilkenson was an evangelist who lived in the vicinity. While one of her infamous meetings were being held, she made a proclamation that sent waves throughout the community. She stated that she was the reincarnation of Christ. The majority of the residents was shocked and did not believe her claim, eventually indicting her with charges of blasphemy. It is said that her ghost still haunts the area, as she is still upset that her claim was not trusted and she was charged for her belief.

A cloud of controversy regarding local organizations looms throughout the Canandaigua area, as the disappearance of William Morgan stirs old memories. Morgan exclaimed that he was going to reveal all of the secrets and truths associated with Freemasonry. He stated that he would publish his finding in a book for all to see. He was never found and it is said that since his disappearance, a ghost has been known to make himself visible in the places where Freemasons conduct their gatherings and meetings.


This New York locale possesses more stories of the paranormal, where people claimed to have been walking down the street, thinking someone was in front of them that really wasn’t. Once they blink their eyes, the vision in front of them suddenly disappears. It could be the mind playing tricks on them or perhaps one of the local ghosts who have decided to roam about the area for their own personal unrest.