The Ghosts of Kehoe House II

When a house holds special meaning to a family, it’s said that it’s hard to walk away from it after death. The Kehoe House, which now serves as an historic inn, is the location of various family hauntings, including a pair of twins that died on the premises.

William Kehoe (father)

It is no wonder that the study that William Kehoe enjoyed so much would become his haunting spot. Some report an unexplained light appears in the room during the evening hours. The ghost of William has been sighted on many different occasions, who sometimes appears through the front door of the home. One time, the concierge was sitting at the check-in desk and detected the doorbell ring. Peering through the door glass, she did not see anyone so she ignored the bell three times. All of a sudden, she claims the door unlocked itself and opened.

The Twins

With a reputation for making a bit of noise, the twins are pleasant spirits nonetheless. One woman staying at the inn claims to have come in contact with one of the young boys. She was staying in room 201 and sleeping in the bed with her husband. Slowly waking up, she felt what she described as small hands softly stroking her hair and cheek. When she opened her eyes, she spotted an apparition of a little boy who was looking at her in the eyes. He quickly vanished.
Guests and staff have heard the pitter patter of little feet throughout the hallways. The sounds run up and down the halls. Some believe the sounds are caused by the twins and the spirits of various other children who have lived in the house.

The Other Children

Voices of children have been detected on the premises , even when no children are occupying any of the rooms as guests. One guest reported to have experienced the ghosts of the children during a night with a full moon. The guests said that the spirits were running and playing in the second floor hallway.

Guests who stay on the second and third floor often recall hearing the voices of children in a group. Some believe it is the spirits of the kids who have died in the house over the years and are thought to play together in the afterlife. Some feel that the ghosts could have been friends of the Kehoe children who died young, but still come over to play at the house.

The Kehoe House is believed to still be haunted. The personalities of the ghosts are described as carrying on some of the characteristics as they did while they were alive. For example, Anne Kehoe’s ghost is thought to still be as gracious and kind as can be. Her children were well mannered and kind. It is said that William Kehoe enjoys paying a visit to the house to see who is living on the premises.

If you are interested in exploring the haunted Kehoe House, you can find the property at 123 Habersham Street in Savannah, Georgia.