The Ghosts of Kelton Building

In the past, the Kelton Museum was home to three generations of a well-known local family in Columbus, Ohio. Many tours and events were held since the last Kelton relative departed the home. Besides an energy that is reportedly felt when visiting the property, there is also talk of ghosts that haunt the home. In this article, you will learn about some of the paranormal activity said to take place at the museum/house.

Sophia Kelton

The original matriarch of the family is believed to still haunt the Kelton home. Sophia is described as still being a pleasant and hospitable host. Some members of the staff have reported that Sophia appears in a slightly transparent form , wearing black mourning clothes. Her ghost has been spotted in the upstairs windows and seems to be waving goodbye. On one tour of the museum, a male described her form as being milky and that she floated across the room in a long dress. Sophia has been sighted in the back staircase and the dining room. It is also said that she is quite fond of children that visit the home.

Fernando Cortez Kelton

It is said that Fernando is rather entertained by the living that come to visit the home. With a sense of humor, he has a reputation of whispering to guests. Some claim to have bumped into his presence as the walk down the hallways. A young female tour guide reported that she had walked into his unseen presence. She claimed that she could feel the tall man, who was described as wearing a soft shirt. Another tour guide told others that she had walked into an older gentleman who was wearing a flannel shirt, who disappeared in a hurry.

Oscar Kelton

It is believed that Oscar Kelton has been seen on the grounds and inside the home. Witnesses say he is wearing his Union uniform.

Grace Kelton

The ghost of Grace is believed to haunt the home and is believed to look after the staff. She is often blamed for files that have been put out of place in the office and missing items. If the cleaning of the house is not done to her liking, it is said that she will leave out cleaning supplies for the next day. Some believe she is a constant presence during tours of the home.  If people are being disrespectful in the house, it is said that she will “discipline.” Cold spots have also been detected in Grace’s old room. Furniture has also been found moved out of place and assumed that Grace that disapproved of the decorating of a room.

Other paranormal activity reported to occur at the house is unexplainable footsteps that come from the attic area, as well as the presence of Grace and Sophia at weddings and receptions.