The Ghosts of South Dakota Part 1

South Dakota is filled with its own share of ghosts, ranging from a young apparition within the Costume Room of the BH Playhouse to the ghost of a pilot, who haunts an Air Force Base in Ellsworth. Other cities tackled in this article, include Eagle Butte, Hot Springs, as well as Isabel.


Before the BH Playhouse showcased theater in Custer, mining used to take place at the site. The daughter of one of the miners who worked on the site is said to haunt the premises. She has been known to make herself known in the Costume Room, which was the very room that she once stayed in. Those who clean the costumes and put them away claim that in the middle of the night, she rearranges costumes and lays out outfits on a table for all to see.


In Eagle Butte, the city park is haunted by the ghost of a woman who froze to death behind the fence of the baseball field. It is believed that the noises that people hear at night are her moans and screams. She has even been spotting by those who walk the area in the middle of the night. At the missile site at the Ellsworth Air Force Base, the ghost of a pilot is said to roam the premises. He lost his life in the middle of the 80s, when he fell victim to a helicopter crash. He has been seen, as well as heard by people entering the missile control room. Sometimes, he has been known to play a radio.

In Firesteel, an explosion occurred in the coal mines, taking the lives of close to 100 workers. To this day, the howling of their voices are believed to be heard coming from the old mining area. The town was once a thriving area, filled with people and businesses, but fear of the ghosts of the killed miners has influenced the decision of others to stay in the area. Many fled as a result to the ghosts. 

A ghost is said to haunt the Villa Theresa Guest House, located in Hot Springs. She is called by the name of Giselle. She is considered to cause no harm to those she comes in contact with. In Isabel, the ghost of a pre-teen girl has been seen roaming the premises at Burress Feeds. Spotted at night, her screams have been documented. She was a victim of the smallpox epidemic during the early 1900s. The post office in Isabel is also thought to be haunted. Strange images can be seen in the windows when no one is supposed to be there.

The Little Oak Road in Little Eagle is believed to be haunted by several different ghosts. One ghost has been described as being around six foot tall. He has been spotted dancing in the road sometimes, often reaching great heights. The reason why so many ghost sightings occur in this area is because a cemetery is not too far away.