The Ghosts of South Dakota Part 2


Throughout South Dakota, there are many haunted sites to keep in mind when traveling throughout the state. In Fort Pierre, odd voices and whispers can be heard at the old graveyard close to the Verendrye monument. AS for Fort Sisseton, strange lights have been reported in the area where many have lost their lives. Numerous ghost sightings are also mentioned for this area.


First, we will start with the sad case of the boy who lost his life while attempting a trick on his skateboard. He lost his balance and fell, cracking his skull in the process. His ghost has been spotted trying to do the same trick that took his life. This occurred in front of the Fire Department in Garretson.


If you ever pass through Gregory, you will find that there is a cemetery where many claim to have seen ghosts walking about the land. Many visitors have run off without venturing any further into the scene. Screams are not the only thing that you will encounter at “Rock Hill,” which can be located in Mission, South Dakota. In the area, many Native American children and women were murdered. Some claim to have seen their ghosts running for safety.

The ghost of a small child or baby can be heard when at the Jackpot Bingo Hall in McLaughlin. The paranormal activity at this site has caused a few employees to jump ship. The former owner of a home in McLaughlin, Major James McLaughlin is said to haunt the premises along with others. Ghosts have been known to create the sounds of unexplainable footsteps and voices at the Old Town Bank in Midland.

The ghost of a woman who is connected to a baby in some way can be heard crying in the upstairs part of the Mason Church, located in Mitchel. Sometimes the ghostly cries of a baby can be heard as well. At the pine Ridge Reservation, an old hospital can be found. Here, there have been many reports regarding the sighting of ghosts in the area. The ghosts are not that of old cronies, but that of small children. They have been spotted running about the streets, as well as entering the basements of nearby houses. Sometimes they have been known to bother the residents in the area. Once, when a janitor was cleaning the morgue areas of the old hospital, he claimed to hear the screams and voices of these ghosts.

When visiting the Rapid City area, you will find a high school by the name of Stevens. Here, a ghost is said to haunt the premises. He is usually sighted in the storage room area and has been dubbed “Sparky” by the employees. The Alpine Inn in Hill City is said to be haunted. On the second floor, lights have been known to go out on their own and odd noises and voices have been reported. Many believe a series of ghosts are to blame for these occurrences.