The Haunted Cape Town Castle and More

When visiting

South Africa, you may go for the weather, the scenery, attractions and culture, but what you might not know right off the bat is there are plenty of legends, ghosts, and mysterious tales to explore. A visit to this beautiful country will also bring you closer to a wide-range of haunted sites and popular stories. Throughout the country, you will find your fair share of adventures to consider enjoying, including

Cape Town. In this article, you will learn of various sites about

South Africa that may spook the heck out of you.


As you travel throughout the country, there are some sites that present more importance than others, in terms of haunted hot spots. Some of the most popular locations that you may hear about concerning the area can be found in
Cape Town, where the

Cape Town
Castle is situated. This site is known for a host of paranormal activity with deep seeded sadness attached.



Cape Town
Castle has a reputation throughout history for being the place of intense inhumanity. The treatment of the workers (or should we say, slaves) was quite horrific. Slaves were known to be tortured and killed without any significant reason. They were thought to be traitors and that was the only reasoning they had at the time. On the grounds of the castle, there was a section that was referred to as “the hole.” This is where most of the captives were contained. The hole was a rather dank and dark place to find yourself; there wasn’t even any kind of light coming into the hole, which truly made the people crazy.


After spending long stretches of time in darkness, whoever as kept in the hole was then blindfolded and guided out into the sunlight. In a cruel move, the blindfold was immediately removed and the captive was forced to look directly into the sun. Supposedly, this act caused the captive to become blind. If you visit the castle and encounter the hole, it is said that you can hear screams coming from this site.


In Cape Town, you will also find a site called the Mine Quarry, which has a lot of reports connected to it in regards to being a creepy site to visit. There haven’t been any specific sightings of ghosts, but there have been plenty of reports of strange sounds about the area, which brings about thoughts of abuse. There is also a overwhelming odor that accompanies these voices. Witnesses who visit this site also claim to have been taken over with an intense feeling of fear.


The Old Presidency is another haunted spot to visit throughout the country. Many who encounter this site feel that they are being watched by something they are unsure about. Although this location is a great place to visit, there are still tons of interesting things to make you wonder about the history of this site.