The Haunted Crescent Hotel

If you ever enter a ghost-hunting adventure in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, there is a great hotel and spa filled with history that is located in the West Mountain area. Built in 1886, this establishment with a ghostly connection is one of the most well known places to reside when visiting the Eureka Springs area. This article presents to you the reason why.


When exploring the history attached to this hotel, you will find more than just a ghost tale; there is a real architectural gem to explore. Beyond the 18-inch walls, there are balconies that overhang and numerous towers decorating the premises. In the lobby, the stone fireplace is one of the most exclusive features of the hotel. After the completion of the hotel, the final bill was close to $300,000.


When the hotel was ready for unveiling, a grand opening was held in May of 1886. The word regarding the hotel was that it was one of the most luxurious examples of a resort hotel. The rooms were exquisite and the landscape breathtaking, but guests were scarce from 1908 to 1924. This is where the hotel was transformed into the Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women. In the summertime, the hotel was utilized as a resort.


Since the lavish dwelling was quite expensive to maintain, the college was forced to close down after 16 years because they could not keep up with the bills. Throughout the hotel’s establishment, the grounds have gone through many different names and characteristics, including a hospital for treating cancer. Despite the identity crisis and several renovations that the building has undergone, the ghosts that frequent the halls have still stayed the same, making it one of the most haunted sites about town.


When it comes to the ghost encounters associated with the Crescent Hotel and Spa, you might want to direct your attention to some of the more frequent ghostly visitors connected to the premises. For starters, there is an Irish stonemason named Michael, who has been spotted on more than one occasion by the staff. It is said that he appears more than any other ghost For starters, there is an Irish stonemason named Michael, who has been spotted on more than one occasion by the staff. It is said that he appears more than any other ghost.


Michael is said to be one of the original stonemasons to have lent a hand to the construction of the hotel during 1866. It is said that Michael was working on the roof when he lost his footing and fell to his death. As a ghost at the hotel, Michael spends his time playing with the lighting, the TV, as well as the doors. If you happen to receive Room 218, you will find that he especially enjoys sticking his hand out of the bathroom mirror.

When you venture to the third floor of the hotel, you may encounter a ghostly nurse, who has been seen pushing a gurney about the hall. She is dressed in all white and seems to appear only when the clock strikes after 11pm. This is the precise time when fallen cancer patients were removed from their rooms. Housekeepers of the hotel have also seen the ghost of a cancer patient named Theodora. This apparition makes herself known within Room 419. After she introduces herself, she disappears into thin air. While there are plenty of other ghosts haunting the Crescent Hotel and Spa, these are some of the more prominent residents to consider.