The Haunted Dragsholm Slot Hotel’s Infamous Ghostly Resident

While the lovely ladies of Dragsholm Castle have a reputation for haunting the premises, there is another notable ghost to pay attention to. Over the years, the structure was also filled with many old cellars that held a lot of diverse prisoners. In the 1500s, the castle served as punishment for the famous 4th Earl of Bothwell (James Hepburn), who was best known as a consort of Mary, Queen of Scots. 

When Hepburn was finally captured for the alleged murder of a man named Lord Darnley, he became a prisoner of King Frederik and was later moved to the Dragsholm Castle to live out the rest of his years in what many described as inhumane conditions. 

To this day, the eerie pillar to which he was attached to by a chain is still present within the castle. The circular groove in the floor situated around the pillar is believed to be where the last ten years of Bothwell’s life was spent. After Bothwell was detained, many say he went completely mad until James Hepburn passed away in 1578. Now, it is his ghost that is thought to visit the castle on a nightly basis as well , only he makes his presence known in the courtyard, riding in from no one knows where in a carriage pulled by horses. 

There have been many visitors to Dragsholm Slot who have been at the castle and heard the pitter patter of horse hooves coming from the courtyard area, giving the suggestion that someone was indeed riding about outside. Every time one goes to sneak a peak, there is nothing in sight that would give the impression that the sound belonged to something or someone tangible. 

If you have gained further interest in the demise of Hepburn and have the pleasure of visiting this region of Denmark, the supposed mummified body of the 4th Earl of Bothwell was once on display at the Farevejle Church, which is located not too far from the castle. A bit more history may await your curiosity. 

Dragsholm Slot has certainly gained a reputation as being one of the best ghost-laden castles throughout Denmark. Even a group of parapsychologists from the United States paid the castle a visit, toting along equipment to measure some of the paranormal levels associated with the site. In the end, they discovered that some locations about the castle provide an intense amount of electricity and radio activity. Over the years, the castle has also become the stomping ground for numerous ghost hunters, who wish to capture the image or recording of one of the infamous ghosts. Overall, Dragsholm Slot is known to deliver a great place to seize the paranormal moment. 

Today, those who wish to stay at the hotel will encounter a satisfying range of amenities to accommodate the paranormal enthusiast. Guests will have access to a garden/terrace, restaurant, and bar.