The Haunted Drury Lane Theatre Part II

Another ghost thought to haunt the Drury Lane Theatre does not receive the same welcome as the “Man in Gray.”Described as being tall, thin, and unattractive, the ghost of Charles Macklin (known as an ill-tempered actor) has been spotted on the premises. In 1735, Macklin killed a fellow actor named Thomas Hallam. The two had been arguing over a wig. Angered, Macklin stuck his cane through the eye of Hallam , penetrating his brain and ultimately killing him. Macklin’s ghost haunts backstage and has been seen wandering the corridor where Hallum was murdered.

A Helpful Ghost

Another ghost thought to haunt the Drury Lane Theatre does not receive the same welcome as the “Man in Gray.” In this article, you will learn of other ghosts associated with this haunted theatre, including a former comedian with a habit of helping young actresses.

The infamous ghost associated with the theatre possesses a comical side, as comedian Joe Grimaldi appears as an apparition that is often felt and rarely seen. He was a regular performer at Drury Lane , even holding his farewell performance on this stage. Nervous actors may find him guiding them onto the stage.

One account of the ghost’s presence comes from Betty Jo Jones, who in 1948 was a young American actress performing poorly during a rune of ‘Oklahoma.’ She believes that a pair of “invisible hands” guided her to a different position, and then continued to guide her during the rest of her performance. Later, onlookers would describe her acting as “flawless.” It is also said that the ghosts of King Charles II and a gaggle of his attendants had been seen on the stage.

Doreen Duke was also a young actress who believes that you benefited from the invisible hands of a ghost. She was auditioning for a part in “The King and I,” which she got. Duke has often credited her getting the role to the ghost of Joe Grimaldi, who she believes guided her during her audition.

Other Drury Lane Ghost Encounters

While putting on his makeup in his dressing room, comedian Stanley Lupino was peering into the mirror when he saw the face of another staring back along with his own reflection. It was the face of another comedian who had recently passed away , Dan Leno. Later, someone told Lupino that he was using what was dubbed as “Leno’s favorite dressing room.”

Actors and actresses are not the only people to sight ghosts at the theatre. A woman in the audience claims to have seen a ghost who she describes as “intently watching the play that was being performed.” The ghost was wearing old-fashioned clothes and was positioned at the end of the row that the woman was sitting. When the lights went up, she said that the man had disappeared. Time passed and while the woman was skimming a book on the history of the theatre, she spotted a photo of Charles Kean , an actor from the 19th century. She identified the man as the ghost she had seen that day in the theatre.