The Haunted Horrors of Native American Assimilation

When reaching the Haskell Indian Nations University, which can be found at 155 Indian Avenue in Lawrence, Kansas, you will encounter an array of tales that add to the haunted mystique of this site. The university has been known to produce a scare or two, with features, such as the Bell Tower, Hiawatha Hall, as well as Pocahontas Hall.


This site has a history of endless paranormal activity. The campus has historic roots that can be traced to the 1800s. The United States Government established the Haskell Institute to have a hold on the population of Native Americas. The main goal was to transform the Native Americans into following the “American” way of living. The children were snatched from the reservations and were shipped off to schools like Haskell, where they were expected to learn how to act and think “white.”


The heritage that they had grown up with was stripped away, as they were forced to act in a manner unlike their own, which was controlled by the government. The horrors that occurred during this process was documented and sent to the National Archives in Kansas City. Some of the methods that the schools used to assimilate the Native American children were to beat them and inflict pain and abuse for things, such as speaking in their Native language. If they misbehaved, they were punished. When exploring parts of Haskell Campus, the remains of children were found buried underneath the ground.


There have been many tales regarding some of the building throughout the university, which are also some of the oldest structures that can be found within the state of Kansas. It is a breeding ground for paranormal events. Some have tried to stay nights within some of the halls and could not complete a night. On the premises, there are numerous locations where you will encounter a good scare.


For example, people have claimed to feel as if someone is watching them as they pass by the Bell Tower. The basement of this site is not open to the public; it has been sealed off. Some feel that whatever is behind the wall offers clues to some unanswered questions regarding the premises.


The oldest building on the campus is Hiawatha Hall, which was established by the Methodist church, in an attempt to introduce Native children to Christianity. The church has not been in operation for decades, but the government still owns it. Some of the odd occurrences that have been documented, include the closing and opening of doors, as well as an unruly spirit that makes contact with the living.


Pocahontas Hall may be named after the princess that saved lives, but in the basement, a ghost is known to haunt the area. Today, it is a dormitory for freshman girls and in the past, the laundry room has seen better days. A girl took her own life in the basement by hanging herself. It is said that some have encountered the vision of a girl hanging from the ceiling.


When entering Haskell Auditorium, you may encounter the ghost that has been spotted sitting in the audience area, taking in a show. Those in the backstage area have claimed to hear the sound of a small girl crying. An array of horrors have taken place at this location and sadly; daily reminders remain in the form of unsettled ghosts and paranormal activity.