The Haunted Island Paradise

You’re ready for the luau; you’re looking forward to the pig roast and you will get that chance to learn to hula, but did you know that when you visit Honolulu, Hawaii, you might get more than what you bargained for. There are tons of haunted places to explore when you have chosen to vacation at this destination.


If you fly into Honolulu Airport, you should know that some of the carts have been known to move on their own when they are near the garden area. The women’s restroom that can be found about Gate 31 is said to be haunted. Sometimes a bloody face can be spotted near this same bathroom.


The dorms within Chaminade University, which can be located in Waialae are possessed by a variety of unknown visitors and occurrences. In Hale Hoaloha, you may be able to hear the voice of two small children. The dorm has also experienced water fountains that work on their own; computers and light switches that began to malfunction and work on their own. In Hale Lokelani, there have been numerous ghost sightings within the rooms, as well as odd noised occurring in the middle of the night. Sometimes, doors that have been dead bolted will open on their own. Room 208 within that dorm used to be the site of a children’s hospital during the Second World War. Students have reported to feel something touching them all over their body, as well as the feeling of being choked. This room also displays the outline of what used to be a crucifix. The story goes that this room was the site of a suicide or an exorcism. Room 319 served as a morgue for soldiers during the war. Many have claimed to spot the ghosts of some of these soldiers.


If you ever venture to Hanauma Bay/Kokohead, you may be able to witness fireballs that have been reported to occur in this area. Some have claimed to see fireballs shoot over their head as they drove along the coastline. This sight has been the cause of a few accidents. Speaking of driving, Highway 1 is said to be one of the haunted places on the island, where the screams of elderly Hawaiian ghosts who protested in their own way against the digging through the mountain to build a tunnel. The completion of the tunnel was delayed due to an overwhelming response to these ghosts, who successfully drove away workers for seven years.


Some of the schools in the area have numerous haunted tales of their own. The ghosts of those who were in the morgue haunt what is now the auditorium of Farrington High School. The Kamehameha Schools have unexplained the beating of drums in the middle of the night. It is said that many spirits roam about this school. Within the boys’ dormitory at this school, there have been repeated sightings of a female ghost who appears in 1800s attire. Those that have seen her have identified her from a photo that can be found in the dorm. She may be the woman who established the school. It is said that you can hear her gasping for breath because in life she passed away from an asthma attack.
Other haunted locations that can be found throughout Honolulu include: Hilton Hawaii Village; Iolani Palace; Kaka’ako Fire Station; Kalihi Valley; Paradise Park in Manoa; Seven Bridges; Moanalua High School; Morgan’s Corner; Pali Lookout in Nu’uanu; Pioneer Plaza; Queen’s Medical Center; Sacred Hearts Academy.