The Haunted Mansfield Reformatory II

The Mansfield Reformatory has a history of being haunted because of the way some of the inmates were treated. There are various parts of the prison that have a reputation for housing unsettled souls, spirits and ghosts. Whether it is the ghost of a former inmate, the warden’s wife, or a murdered nurse , the Reformatory is an interesting place to visit if you are into paranormal activity.

The Infirmary

Many inmates lost their lives while in the infirmary, which is probably why when someone comes in with an EMF detector , the sensors go haywire. Some people claim that orbs have appeared in their photographs. Several visitors have also reported to have experienced unexplained gushes of air that pass by when touring this part of the prison.

The Basement

It is said that the spirit of a 14-year-old who was beaten to death in the basement is believed to haunt the hallways. The basement is a cold sight to see, as it twists around a dark, dilapidated basement area. The basement halls are also thought the stomping grounds of a former employee of Mansfield.

The Library

The Reformatory had a library that some say is haunted. Sometimes, equipment in the library was known to fail, which made some believed that unsettled spirits had something to do with it. Psychics have conducted experimented in the library and feel that the spirit of a young woman is in the room. Some believe it is the warden’s wife, Helen, while others think it could a nurse that was killed by one of the inmates.

The Graveyard

The graveyard on the reformatory premises was small and some thought that it was also haunted. Some visitors claim to have seen objects move in the graveyard.

The Hole

Situated under the basement of the prison, unruly prisoners were sent to the hole. There were 20 cells equipped to handle the inmates that broke the rules. The hole was dark and filled with roaches. One or more inmates could be put into a cell at one time. There was no place to comfortable sleep and little was given to eat. When they did eat, it was bread and water. Lunch was provided every three days and if you were had a stronger inmate , they may take the food before you had a chance to eat.

Many prisoners actually died in the hole, which is believed to now house unsettled spirits. When tested, negative paranormal energy is associated with this part of the prison. Some visitors have left the hole feeling overwhelmed and nauseous. Some reported to feel chills run through their bodies. In some rooms, you may get the feeling that you are being watched. Glowing eyes have also been thought to peer from out of the dark spaces of the part of the reformatory.