The Haunted Pike Place Market (Seattle, Washington) Part 2

Interestingly, it is said that Angeline has not left the Seattle area and has been spotted at the Pike Market for many years. The market was actually built on the same site as her former dwelling. Her unsettled spirit may have never left the confines of her former cabin. Some witnesses report seeing the old woman, thinking that she was real at first, only to see her vanish before their very eyes. This article continues to explore the spirit of Angeline, as well as introduces you to the ghost of Arthur Goodwin.

Angeline Still in the Area?

The spirit has been described as moving rather slow with her feet barely making contact with the ground. More extravagant claims have the figure changing colors. One account stated that the woman went from a shade of glowing white to lavender, blue, and pink. Other times, a small Native American male companion accompanies her.

Supposedly, Angeline is most often seen close to a rough wooden column located in the center of the lower level. Several reports suggests that cold air surround the column when she is in the vicinity. Photos taken of the site have shown odd features. She has also been known to appear about the old Goodwill store. Despite attempts of a Native American shaman, reports are still documented of the continuing haunting of the spirit of Angeline at Pike Place Market.

Frank Goodwin’s Nephew

Frank Goodwin made a fortune from the Gold Rush and took his earnings to further his wealth by establishing sites like the Pike Place Market. It seems that the spirit of Frank Goodwin’s nephew, Arthur, has made guest appearances at the market. Playing an important role in the development of the market during its earlier days, Arthur was significant to the growth of Pike Place. Between 1918 and 1941, Arthur held the position of Market Director. Peering down from his upper-level office, Arthur spent his time watching the ins and outs of the market.

Today, his old office is known as the Goodwin Library, which often serves as a meeting room. It is here that the silhouette of Arthur has been sighted, still looking down to see what’s happening at the market. Other reports suggest that the spirit still swings a golf club in his old office digs.

“Fat Lady Barber”

It is said that another spirit, most often called the “Fat Lady Barber,” makes her presence known when the sun has set upon the market. Legend has it that during the 1950’s, this portly barber had a knack for singing her customers to sleep with soft-sounding lullabies. Little did they know, the barber had onto an ulterior motive for putting her customers adrift. Once they were comfortable and less alert, she would dip into their pockets and steal their money and other possessions. However, before renovations took place on the market during the 1970s, a part of the barber’s floor gave way and she died as a result of a fall. To this day, maintenance workers have reported that they hear the sounds of lullabies when they are cleaning at night.