The Haunted Spots Throughout Super Bowl Champland

When the Steelers return after bringing home a Super Bowl trophy, the ghosts throughout the city should be proud. This great city is home to numerous legends, misty apparitions, as well as strange occurrences. Below you will be able to explore a few of these locations, including hospitals, colleges and libraries.



The South Tower at the Allegheny General Hospital South Tower is the oldest section of the hospital, where reports often surface regarding strange noises and voices when no one is in sight. Strange occurrences have also been reported at this location. The Dixmont Mental Hospital has gained a reputation of being full of the ghosts of mental patients that lost their lives within its walls. Mercy Hospital, which was known as the Devine Mercy Hospital, has a resident ghost of a nun, who is thought to be that of Sister Mary Loretta.  She has been spotted roaming about the 6th floor and is said to be a friendly and helpful ghost.



On the premises of Carlow College, misty apparitions have been documented as being spotted in Room 947. The sounds of scratching on the walls have also been reported. Other oddities surrounding this room are that lights turn on and off on their own. Walking throughout the basement of the Mellon Building at Chatham College and you will find a pool, as well as a bowling alley. The bowling alley, which can get quite cold, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Andrew Mellon. Some have claimed to have seen the ghost of a boy who enters Room 409 at the St Ann’s Living Learning Center at Duquesne University and tosses things about the room.


Other haunted institutions of higher learning include 201 Bruce Hall at the University of Pittsburgh, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of a wife and mistress of the owner had committed suicide on the 12th floor. No one lives in this area, but odd events have been reported within this space. Lawrence Hall at the Point Park College was the site of a fire that spread in a room on the 10th floor due to a student catching on fire from falling asleep with a lit cigarette. Every year, since her death, the room was cleaned and repainted, but soon after, the walls were turn as if they had been charred. After a few years of this, the room was discontinued as a student dwelling.



When visiting the Livermore Cemetery, you may encounter the ghost of townsfolk who passed away from a flood. Apparitions have been reported in the area. Odd occurrences, such as missing car items, have been reported after parking close to the cemetery. A legend surrounds the Hankey Church Cemetery, where some believe if the gates to the graveyard are closed, then spirits cannot wander, but if they are open, then spirits are roaming about the vicinity.


Other haunted areas throughout the city of Pittsburgh include Blue Mist Road, Carnegie Library, the Civic Arena, Frick Mansion, Fort Pitt Museum, Kennywood Park, ICM School Of Business and Medical Careers, as well as the John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center.