The Haunted Springville Inn Part 2

Since the historical records of the region are incomplete and hazy, the true identity of the ghosts of Springfield Inn is quite unclear. Without any real names to go by, the hotel and town have come up with a few names for the unknown residents of the hotel. In this article, you will learn a little bit about the Old Man, Young Man, Young Woman, and Little Girl.


To recap the first ghost of the Inn, you may encounter the Old Man if you come close to the kitchens. While the main kitchen of the Inn is where he likes to dwell, he is also a visitor of the upstairs service kitchen. His appearance is often noted by chefs and kitchen staff, who seems to like watching their every move. Some believe he once worked in the kitchens and is making sure everything is completed in a correct manner , even in the afterlife.


The second of the ghosts residing at Springfield Inn is referred to as “The Young Man,” who what some say resembles an attractive logger in his 20s. The man is thought to have been looking for work at one of the many mills situated about Mountain Home when he met his untimely fate.


Some of the sightings regarding the Young Man report him quickly moving about the premises, showcasing purpose and often makes an appearance about the bar. He also frequents the original grand staircase, where guests used to move from the lobby to the upstairs portion of the main building. His demeanor is often described as being quite flirty, as he is known to brush up against women to make his presence well known. Some say he lost his life right outside of the Inn, when an assailant shot him in the streets. As legend has it, he was carried into the Inn, where he unfortunately bled to death.


Sometimes, the Young Man is seen walking hand-in hand with the Little Girl, but this occurrence hasn’t taken place in present times. “The Little Girl” seems to be 8 years old and often appears in turn-of-the-century clothing. Over the years, many employees and guest have spotted the ghosts, such as the time when a past employee in charge of washing dishes in the kitchen suddenly quit because they caught sight of the Little Girl in a mirror that was hanging in the dishwashing area. Since then, the mirror has been removed and the Little Girl has also stopped visiting this part of the hotel.


The last ghost of the quartet that calls the Springville Inn its home is nicknamed, “The Woman”, who possesses long blonde tresses and is rather striking in appearance. When she appears, a long dress often trails behind her. Her ghost is often a guest of the balcony region that surrounds the Penthouse. Sometimes, she is seen roaming about the second floor hallways positioned in the main building.