The Haunted Tale of Castle Rising Castle

When paying a visit to the village of Castle Rising, which is situated in the English county of Norfolk, you will encounter a ruined castle by the name of Castle Rising Castle. It is here that the 1st Earl of Arundel once called the structure his home when he wasn’t living at Arundel Castle. With a history that dates back to 1140, the English Heritage now protects parts of the site, including the defensive mount, which is in pretty good condition. This article presents the mystery behind the castle.


With an interesting design and oval features, the Castle Rising possessed a grand gatehouse and alluring bridge (among other fascinating details). During the 12th century, it was quite a sight to see, but today, it stands in ruin. In 1140, William Albini constructed the remarkable Norman castle in celebration of his marriage to Henry I’s widow. Over the next hundred years, the structure would grow into a splendid sight with the help of many different owners.


The castle enjoyed a long run of prominence throughout history , that is until the execution of the Duke of Norfolk took place in 1572. In the following years, the castle suffered abandonment and slowly became the ruin we see today. The castle is still a glorious attraction to capture with a camera and is considered one of the largest of its kind in England. There is even a haunted legend that helps spark continuous interest in the castle, as the tale of Isabel of France is made known.


As a former resident, Isabel played an important role in the horrific murder of her husband, Edward II, which took place in 1327. After the incident, it is believed that she was struck with dementia and spent the rest of her life wandering about the upper floors of Castle Rising. She is said to have called the castle her home from 1330 to 1358. The rumors of her ghost began when people started to claim they could hear the sounds of a mad woman coming from the castle in the middle of the night. Many believe it is the ghost of Isabel causing such terrible noises.


If you plan a visit to the castle, you will find that it is in good condition for being more than 850 years old. As you scan some of the alluring features of Castle Rising, you may come across the earthwork associated with the construction of the moat, which many find quite entertaining. Grass now covers the built-up soil, but touring the castle in the spring and summer months allows a satisfying spread of wildflowers and butterflies to delight the senses.


Additional details to consider when visiting the castle include the gravel path, which brings guests around the exterior of the building. This is one of the best views of the castle, which also brings the rest of the town and surrounding regions in sight. If you stop by the English Heritage shop, you may enjoy an audio tour, which also relays the tale of Queen Isabella.