The Haunted Tales of Fordham University

Fordham University is a private educational institution located in Bronx, New York City. In 1841, the university was founded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of New York, bearing the name of St. John’s College, but has since become an independent place of learning known across the nation for business administration and liberal studies. But, have you ever heard of the haunted tales surrounding the school?

The university is constructed on the old Rose Hill manor and an old hospital that ceased to exist during the late 1830s. Because there are a great deal of tunnels that connect a lot of buildings to one another on campus, tales of haunted dorms and facilities run rampant on the campus. Interesting haunted locations stretch across the entire campus with tales and legends linked to Martyrs Court, Millennium Hall, Lombardi Center, Coffey Field, the library, and Freeman Hall. A few tales include:

Administration Building
There is a constant scent of cigar smoke in the halls that some students attribute to ghosts.  

Collins Auditorium
Located above the stage, both student and faculty believe they have seen the ghost of a man who walks around the balconies. Students claim to experience cold sensations when in the auditorium, as well as odd whispers.

Finlay Hall
In the past, this building served as a medical school, but today, residents dwell on the premises with some reporting the feeling of someone grabbing at their throat in the middle of the night.

Hughes Hall
During the wee hours of the night, some students claim the ghost of a young boy who appears in the rooms visits them. Locked doors have also swung open on their own in Hughes Hall.

O’Hare Hall
During the construction of the building, a worker lost his life. There is a rumor that his ghost still wanders about the halls , banging on the walls as if he was still working on the building.

Martyr’s Court
Known as one of the larger dormitories on campus, Martyr’s Court has at least two ghosts haunting the grounds. First, residents have come in contact with a young girl with blond hair who has been seen standing behind the curtains of the shower. She always seems to be staring straight ahead. Another ghost is that of a man who has been reported to walk by the rooms of residents, heading towards a wall located at the end of the hall. When attempting to investigate his identity, he has vanished before curious students had a chance. In the apartments, some students claim to hear the laughter of children in their walls.

Keating Hall
Keating Hall has a reputation for strange occurrences. While the building is not original to the campus, it is believed that it was constructed over the morgue tunnels during the 1930s. At first, the basement served as the original cafeteria, but with the construction of the new cafeteria, it was transformed in a congressional library with plans for a student center. During the late 1970s, a security quit his job when he experienced the unexplainable closing of doors and chairs banging against the wall.

As for the first floor, an area with chairs and historical items on display is a popular gathering spot between classes. However, when taking a seat, some students are met with a feeling that they are being watched. Sometimes, unexplainable shadows are detected and cold spots are felt , even during hot weather. Rumors state that it is the spirits of Jesuits of the past trapped in the building. On the third floor, some people have reported being touched on the shoulder by spirits or seeing apparitions. Venture to the staircase located above the auditorium and you may encounter unexplainable cold spots. One person reported seeing a chair tumble down the stair when no one else was in the vicinity.