The Haunted Trerice Manor

Situated near Cornwall in the United Kingdom, Trerice Manor is a manor house located in Kestle Mill that showcases an impressive display of Elizabethan construction. Over the history of the manor, a collection of ghost stories and other paranormal tales are associated with the premises.  Today, the house (with surrounding gardens included) has become a National Trust property.


Before we get to the juicy ghost encounters and legends, you may want to know that the garden is also a popular site that draws visitors to the orchard, where an impressive assortment of old fruit tree varieties are found. The property is also home to a historic exhibition regarding the lawn mower, where an interesting collection of this lawn care equipment is available for viewing.


With a history starting in 1571, Trerice Manor was a product of Sir John Arundell, who constructed the manor on the same plot of land as an older building site. With a distinct beauty, Trerice Manor holds a certain amount of history that includes a variety of ghosts throughout the years. One of the most well known of these haunting residents is a ghost called the “Gray Lady,” who has a knack for appearing about the gallery and upon the stone staircase in the manor that once served as the main entrance of the residence. Some witnesses have also spotted her in the north wing of the house.


Those who have visited the manor report the strong scent of lilacs within the library, which creates an overall strange feeling about the room. At one time, a visitor was so frightened of the environment the room presented that she refused to step foot inside and instead, quickly left the premises. Throughout the house, the manor is known for unexplainable noises and other odd sounds.


The majority of people who have paid a visit to the manor often complain to feel uncomfortable, remarking that strange sounds fill the house. One of the reports referred to the sound of “swishing garments” that made one believe that an unseen someone or something unknown was roaming about the gallery.


Another intriguing part of the manor includes the stables and the stable yard, which is known for repeated hauntings of a restless spirit of a boy, who lost his life to the trampling of horses. Some who have paid a visit to the manor believe they have encountered his ghost as they claim the event is often replayed about the premises at the most random moments. Some are fearful to come in contact with the boy, who is thought to serve as an omen of death.


At Trerice, odd feelings have overcome visitors, who have reported experiences of being “transported” into a different time period for a brief moment in time as they explored various locations within the manor.