The Housing Market Just Got Scarier




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“This old house is haunted.  There’s no question about that.”  The now famous adobe structure has been featured on several news media outlets, and ghost hunters have been examining the structure for over two years.  In that time several investigative teams, including the West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society (WCGAPS) have concluded that the house is haunted, though by what is still unknown.  Many suspect an old woman who died, and cooks in the kitchen.  But could this much paranormal activity really be attributed to only one ghost?  The haunted nature of the house is, however, being spun as a positive thing, and it is getting much attention.

The house is nestled in the middle of a New Mexico ghost town, where Josh Bond, current owner and seller of the house is trying to restore several buildings around town.  The town itself has had a tumultuous eight years as fires, monsoons, and wind-storms have damaged several of the towns’ structures.  The house for sale, however, has stood up to the test of time thanks to vigilant maintenance and possibly a little help from the mysterious forces that inhabit the structure.

The paranormal activity, which includes whispered unearthly voices, shaking door handles, and footsteps from unknown origins, has been ongoing since Josh Bond settled in to the place.  “I personally lived in the home for 2 years and have had many strange and unexplainable events,” Josh reported, “I have never had a bad feeling in the home, simply a feeling of not being alone.”  The home is alleged to be the resting place of an old woman who lived in the house and loved to cook, and visitors still report feeling her spectral presence even when they were previously unaware of the haunted reputation the house holds.  It was confirmed that the house had been inhabited long ago by a woman who did indeed love to cook.  There are also, however, other ghosts reported in the house of unknown origin and nature.

The house with an unknown reserve and three bids currently, is a testament that some people will go to great lengths to make contact with the other side.  Along with the building itself, several items including a religious shrine found in a back room, a wood burning stove, a claw-foot bathtub, and a wedding dress are being included with the home.  These items most likely belonged to the woman who may be haunting the building now.

Some who have seen the haunted house feel it would be an exciting place to live, especially paranormal enthusiasts.  Still, others are a bit leery of pulling up stakes and moving to the middle of a ghost-town that actually is filled with ghosts.  What stories will we hear from those who do end up moving in to the house?  The proceeds of the money will go toward restoring the roof of the bar, which was torn asunder by the elements in 2000.  The reserve price, as of this article’s publication has not yet been met.