The Ins and Outs of Deadwood

Deadwood isn’t just an HBO television drama. It is based on the lives of people that once lived during the 1870s, trying to sort out living amongst one another, keeping order, as well as the peace. The area of Deadwood can be located in South Dakota, offering a variety of haunted locations. Before we get to the scary parts, let’s provide you with a little background information on some of the former famous inhabitants.


First, you may recognize the name Wild Bill Hickock, who once served as Marshal of Abilene and Hay’s City, Kansas. He was killed in Deadwood at the Nuttal & Mann’s #10 Saloon. The Marshal of Dodge City, Kansas, Wyatt Earp had ties tot his location as well. Mingling with the likes of the marshals was Seth Bullock, who was the sheriff of Deadwood. Under him, the deputy sheriff, Charlie Utter was also the owner of the overland stage route. These are the lawmen who has a part in controlling the Deadwood area, as far as crime is concerned.


There were many other notable characters in the Deadwood area, including Seth Bullock’s wife, Martha, who was known in the community for her efforts in the art and culture of the town. The wealthy George Hearst was a mining investor in the area. Have you ever heard of Calamity Jane? Well, she was a former scout for the 7th cavalry and was often seen riding alongside Wild Bill and Charlie Utter. Buffalo Bill Cody was known for being a showman among other things, such as a buffalo hunter. Many a gun battle ended in the last rites from Henry Weston Smith, who served as the minister of Deadwood. He lost his life while traveling to Crook City when a gang of Native Americans took him down.


The places that made Deadwood famous as well can be found in the tales surrounding sites, such as the Gen Theater, Bella Union Saloon, Star & Bullock’s Hardware, Bullock Hotel, as well as Nuttal & Mann’s #10 Saloon. Some of these places are haunted today.


For example, the Bullock Hotel is said to be haunted by Seth Bullock, for which the hotel was named after. Today, the site holds guests as well as entertains them with an onsite casino. Many claim to feel the presence of Bullock. At the Green Door Brothel, many complain of hearing the footsteps of someone when no one is around.


At Wild Bill’s Saloon, you will encounter a pinball machine on the ground level of the premises. It has been known to have a mind of its own, playing without quarters for hours, even when there is no one there to push the levers. The lights have also been known to flicker and simultaneously surrounding machines will turn on and off on their own. Some believe it is the ghost of Wild Bill causing the raucous.


To visit the final resting places of Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Potato Creek Johnny, as well as Seth Bullock, you may want to pay a visit to the Mount Mariah Cemetery. Numerous visitors claim to feel an odd presence among them and that they feel they are being watched by an unknown body.