The Lady Ghosts at the Haunted Dragsholm Slot Hotel

When looking for one of the best-known ghost castles in Denmark, the Dragsholm Slot (Castle) Hotel ranks high on the list of places to check out for a good scare (or at least a good tale). Situated in Sealand, Denmark, the infamous castle of Dragsholm Slot has a history that begins during the 12th century. In this article, you will find out why this site is regarded a great place to enjoy a haunted tour.

It was a Roskilde bishop who was responsible for building the Dragsholm castle. Once the structure was complete, it soon became the home for kings, as well as a variety of noble families in Denmark. Today, the Bottger family, who has had the building in their possession since 1939, now owns the castle. They are also responsible for transforming the structure into a hotel.

The uniqueness of this castle comes with the story attached to its past, which involves the tale of three ghosts that are known to reside on the grounds of Dragsholm Slot. Witnesses claim to have sighted the “Gray Lady, ” “White Lady,” and the ghost of the Earl of Bothwell.

The ghost of the Grey Lady is thought a woman who once worked at the castle as a maiden. One day, the maiden suffered a painful toothache, which was cured. Her story involves her longing sense to serve the castle to show her gratitude for the care she received while employed on the premises. It is said that she returns every night to the castle to check up on everything and make sure that everything is in good working order. Although she is said to visit the castle on a nightly basis, she is rarely spotted, making her the lesser-known of the three ghosts.

In the case of the White Lady, she is believed the daughter of one of the previous owners of Dragsholm Slot. When she was a young lady, she fell head over heels for a commoner who was employed at the castle. They established a relationship that continued for many years, but was forced to keep it a secret from her family. Her father was wealthy and a noble man and it would make him quite angry to find out who his daughter had been spending so much time with. Nonetheless, their love was discovered and the father was so upset that he ordered the servants of the castle to imprison his daughter within a thick wall of the castle. Since her death, it is said that she returns every night to walk about the corridors.

During the 1930a, new toilets were placed in the castle, causing workers to tear down some of the old walls. In the process, the employees discovered a small hole in the wall where a skeleton cloaked in a white dress was found. This leads many to believe that the tale of the White Lady is indeed the truth and the ghost walking about the castle at night is she.