The Lambert-Winters Investigation

Very rarely do ghost hunts themselves become a matter of interest to the paranormal activity even years after they take place.  But two amateur paranormal investigators managed to gather more evidence than most professionals do in their whole careers one night when they stopped in at an abandoned building and started snapping pictures – driven by some unknown force beyond their understanding.  Later, when reviewing the evidence they would be struck by just how overwhelming the evidence was.

The hunters, Guy Winters and Terry Lambert, look back on that night with a fondness uncharacteristic of most ghost hunts.  Though the incidents involved would be understandably terrifying to most who would find themselves in the situation, the two friends were more driven by curiosity and an unexplainable desire to explore.  As the two captured images and footage all over the mansion, they found themselves looking into the face of death and surrounded by spirits from another world.  And some of the most interesting ghost photos ever taken were all taken that night.

The front door had graffiti written on it saying “This is Hell” but this was not enough to deter the two hunters as they entered the home and started gathering evidence.  Still unsure of what precisely they were looking for, as they continued into the old house in the dead of night they noticed the walls were all completely clean of any signs of graffiti even though the exterior had been badly vandalized.  They even caught these clear walls on tape.  But as they came back out into the hallway only seconds later they found themselves surrounded by mysterious messages scrawled all over the walls.  And as they walked into one of the rooms they suddenly felt they were not alone.  And when a strange force seemingly tried to possess Winters, the two sprinted back for their van.  When they checked the footage they had taken, they found three photographs of an illuminated woman in the window holding her arms up in different positions.  And as the photographs kept coming they kept finding more images of people standing in and around the house.  As they continued their investigation they knew they had stumbled across something all too real.

Later they would even take video footage of the house and see a strange phantasmal figure float past the camera and stare back at them.  At least that’s what some experts say they saw.  Though the still images and the writing cannot be explained, some have said this figure floating past them is nothing more than smoke caught up in the wind from the oncoming storm.  Others say the figure is as plain as day.

What did these two men encounter?  They believe it to be the family of those who lived in the mansion before.  Unfortunately, though the place was incredibly haunted it was torn down after the now famous investigation became famous and the evidence gathered was posted all over the web.  It stands now a pile of bricks and wood – tombstone to the house that once stood proudly there.