The Many Ghosts of Clouds Hill

Situated close to Bovington in Dorset, Clouds Hill is found, where T.E. Lawrence (also known as Lawrence of Arabia) once called home. At first, Lawrence rented the cottage in 1923, but decided to purchase the residence in 1925 with the intent to use the space as a place of retirement. Ten years passed and he left the Air Force, where five days later, he would succumb to a tragic accident involving a motorbike. Ever since the incident, a ghost appearing in Arab clothing has been spotted about the cottage and is often associated with the ghost of Lawrence.


The tale regarding Clouds Hill not only deals with a ghost, but is also plagued by the “spirit” of the motorbike, which has been reported to leave a sound or two behind. Sometimes, a roaring bike engine sound is heard, especially taking place by the spot where Lawrence’s accident occurred. Lawrence is not the only ghost attached to the manor.


The ghost of a farmer is thought to originate from the 18th century and has been noted to make a few appearances. He is often seen roaming about the house and the surrounding gardens. Story has it that the farmer took his own life by hanging himself from a trapdoor located within the house. Despite the boarding up of the door, it is believed to continue as stomping grounds for the deceased farmer.


Over the years, a wide-range of ghostly presences have been connected to the manor. The ghost of a priest is also believed to call the manor his home in the afterlife. While at first thought, this may seem like a rather safe ghost to encounter, this is furthest from the truth. Stories surrounding the priestly ghost place him in a rather scary light. He has gained a reputation for trying to smother visitors with his cloak while they are sleeping.


Another ghost associated with the manor is that of a footman, who is believed to have been a rather ill willed spirit when he was alive. This evil sort of fellow is thought to have preyed on serving maids of the manor. The threatening occurrences that have taken place at the manor do not stop there. It seems that many more have taken place throughout the history of the residence. This includes the murder of an employer by the hands of his servant. His ghost is believed to also haunt the residence.


The ghost of a youthful sea cadet who took the life of one of his friends is also said to haunt the manor. In the end, it is believed he was locked in a room on the premises where he spent the rest of his life. The house is known to occasionally fill with his mad screams. Another ghost familiar with Clouds Hill is one called the “White Lady,” who in her elderly state is thought to haunt the stairs. About the premises, loud knocks take place at the manor, odd dragging sounds arise, and unexplainable footsteps are sometimes heard about the corridors.