The New MIBs

In the field of the paranormal we always hear about the potential for a UFO cover-up resulting in a serious lack of conclusive proof that aliens are visiting Earth and a general, sometimes not so subtle change in public perception regarding people who report interactions with extraterrestrials.  But if such an organization were to somehow exist, what about other paranormal phenomena such as demonic possession?  It might be more plausible than you imagine.

The bestselling book by Jon Ronson, The Men Who Stare At Goats, and the subsequent movie illustrated how the First Earth Battalion tried and in many ways succeeded in taking the military in a more New Age direction in some sectors.  But while the First Earth Battallion of today may look quite different from Jim Channon’s vision of a futuristic army of peace, now declassified reports now indicate that the Pentagon in an ongoing interest in taking technology and tactics in new directions has repeatedly given funding to projects to study paranormal phenomena.

And the strange part is, if such a phenomenon were to exist outside of the eye of the mainstream, it would certainly be taking an active part in it, particularly if doing so provided any tactical advantage.  Imagine for a moment if ghosts existed, and were able to not only observe their environment, but also report back to the Pentagon.  In theory, certain agents could be trained or selected for properties that would make them the absolute best “ghost” cell soldiers.  Poltergeists could be used to create distractions in enemy installations or haunt foreign leaders, and they could even collect and report on information through such unconventional devices as a Ouija board.

Furthermore, if there were something more to the paranormal than just ghosts, it is possible they could even design a task force to either unleash or contain other more potentially dangerous paranormal entities as well.  Of course to put it like that makes it sound like the premise of an action horror film, but there would be another angle to it that wouldn’t solely serve the paranormal interpretation.

There would additionally be some use even if there were no proof of a paranormal nature even within the organization.  A similar screen to the one proposed under the traditional “UFO coverup hoax” would be perfectly applicable if similar MIBs were to appear covering up actual operations under the guise of a paranormal “cleaning crew” working to scrub away any traces of ghostly or demonic entanglement to avoid a panic.  The mythology of these figures and their mysterious artifacts would only serve to further the culture surrounding them and a central band of believers would keep the mythos alive.  Of course such an organization would need to have a specific thing to cover up, and currently it doesn’t seem like any need is being fulfilled by their existence.  Or is it just a matter of time before we start hearing of mysterious vans filled with occult artifacts and strange procedures fulfilled by the new MIB dedicated to the eradication of hostile paranormal phenomena?