The Paranormal Activity of Brumder Mansion I

The paranormal activity associated with the Brumder Mansion has involved mansion owners, staff, guests, psychics, mediums, and other investigators. Numerous reports of EVPs  (electronic voice phenomena) have been recorded over the years in nearly every part of the residence , with the exception of the kitchen, library, Blue Room, and the laundry room. In this article, you will learn of findings associated with identifying spirits at Brumder Mansion.

The SW Paranormal Investigation Group

In 2005, the SW Paranormal Investigation group became the first people to encounter EVPs at the Brumder Mansion. This occurred during the same time that Carol Hiatchi was the owner of the mansion. The investigators had personal experiences while at the mansion, especially when they were in the ballroom theater. When in the catacombs, a female voice was recorded that they believe said ” Have you seen grandmother’s rosary?” A second recording contained a male voice who said “See what he can do.” An unseen entity is also thought to have emitted two sounds (like a “bam”) as if something was kicking or banging on metal. It is suspected that they were making contact with the boiler.


In May of 2009, four women belonging to S.W.I.G.S. (South WI Ghost Society) spent the night at Brumder. They reported that the spirits warmed up to them and that they were contacted by entities on the property. Decent EVPs were captured during their experience, as well as personal contact, which included hearing one of them call out their name.

Appleton Paranormal

In 2008, Appleton Paranormal was invited to the Brumder Mansion to investigate the paranormal activity. Inquiring minds were interested in learning more about the spirit called Suzanne and possibly come in contact with other entities in the mansion. An investigation was conducted in November. Concrete evidence was hard to come by, but the group was able to identify a male spirit in the parlor, as well as an older female entity in the Gold Suite.

The group used dousing rods to communicate with the spirits even though the rods moved at a slow pace. A dousing rod is a type of divination tool that attempts to find ground water, buried metals, gemstones, gravesites, and other objects/materials. Others claim that the technique can also pinpoint earth radiation. Hard proof of presences in the home was not found that corresponded with the dousing rod findings. What they did capture at the time was a bright orb on film that was in the Gold Suite. One investigator also reported unexplained shadow movement in the basement, but nothing was recorded with the equipment.

Source: Haunted Houses.com