The Paranormal Activity of Brumder Mansion II

Psychics and mediums with experience on the subject have had the best experiences with locating paranormal activity at the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They indicated a variety of spirit activity with EVPs that increased when the summer and fall arrived. In this article, you will learn about more instances where spirits have been detected at the mansion.

When paranormal enthusiasts and other groups visited the property, many people claimed to have encountered their own personal experiences. It seems that the spirits are more than happy to make contact with people that want to get to know more about their presence. In the past, the spirits had a reputation for teasing the workers and bothering the guests of the bed and breakfast that the mansion had been turned into during later years. However, when investigators started coming to the mansion, the spirits started to divert their attention to communicating with the living in a positive manner.

Kenosha Paranormal Group

In 2010, the Kenosha Paranormal Group made their way to the Brumder Mansion by the end of January. A photographer with the group captured the light anomaly with the translucent face of the young woman. In the Gold Suite, another bright orb was caught on film. Most people believe that orbs are the handiwork of dust, bugs, or camera malfunctions. The room had already had a reputation of a bright orb that none of the other rooms seemed to produce.

The Ghost Research Society

An experienced paranormal investigator named Dale Kaczmarek (who belonged to the Ghost Research Society) noted in his preliminary investigation that interesting EVPs were captured in the ballroom and on the third floor. At a later date, he will bring his team back to the mansion to conduct a full investigation.

Northern Alliance Of Paranormal Investigators

In March of 2009, the Northern Alliance Of Paranormal Investigators came to the mansion for their first walk-through of the property. They sat in the parlor with the owners and tape recorded stories of personal experiences and the history of the mansion. The story of a missing and reappearing belt in one of the closets was told to an investigator. Upon reviewing the recording, another voice was detected on the audio. Someone indicated that a matter-of-fact voice could be heard saying, “it was us” at the end of the story. The sound of an odd whistle was also heard on the audio, which was not heard by anyone at any time during the interview.

The first investigation of the Northern Alliance Of Paranormal Investigators also brought about personal experiences from some of the participants. At least EVPs were collected during the visit. One investigator commented that the mansion was a “warm and welcoming” building. It was stated that the spirits of the property did not waste much time making themselves known and displaying curiosity during their visit.

Source: Haunted Houses.com