The Sixth Sense

The senses which we are gifted by nature are touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight. It has also given us one more sense – “The sixth sense”. This sense gives ability of predicting future, predicting others’ actions, reading minds. This sense is mostly overlooked because no one has got any scientific explanation about this sense.

Sixth sense: A myth or reality:

Certainly sixth sense exists. Our viewing the future glimpses in the dreams, sudden wish of not going to a place to realize later that everyone around at that place were hurt due to an accident. Hearing voices of the close but dead relatives and friends. These all are evidences of nothing but “The sixth sense”.

Every human is born with the capability to utilize the sense that connects every human to spiritual world.

Sixth sense in animals:

Most of the animals start giving indication much before any disaster. This has been observed in case of many animals. The stories of animals leaving the disaster area much before the mishap has already become a fable.

Its again hypothetical that these animals must have been using 6th sense to see the future and whenever they see any mishaps coming they start getting nervous. Most of these creatures are psychic. Senses in animals are more sensitive than that the humans. In case of earthquakes snakes detect it first and watching them move other animals also moves to safety.

Stories of elephants running uphill to safety hours before Tsunami are also not uncommon.

Sixth sense in humans:

It does work for each and every human but the frequency of functioning of this sense is rare in most of the human beings.

Haven’t you ever realized that whatever is happening in front of you is something that you had seen somewhere before? The realization of having seen the present in the past gives a mixed feeling of surprise and achievement. Some people say that it happens to those who had a pure heart and clean thoughts at the moment when they saw these glimpses of future. Glimpses of future are the most common thing that happens to most of the people ”“ some see it in the dreams and some in thoughts.

I would quote an experience I had with my sixth sense. Normally I used to love going to my grand parents home which was 60 kilometers away from my parents home. The town where I used to live with my parents was in between hills (Aravali ranges in Rajasthan, India). On a weekend my father announced that we were going to my grand parent’s home. Suddenly I wanted everyone to stay and not to travel. I told my father that we shouldn’t go as I was getting strange feelings. He didn’t agree and we had to travel. Well within 10 minutes of travel our bus driver lost control and crashed the bus on a hill side. Nothing much happened but we all had small injuries. Getting small glimpses of future is also not new to me.

Sixth sense: Mystery

A mysterious sense which surprises us often and is something we haven’t tamed as yet. No one has an idea why we get these notions of the future and why at times we are connected to this spiritual world. Let us hope that one day our brilliant scientists will be able to give us a substantial explanation to this mystery ”“ mystery about “The Sixth Sense”.