The Tale of the Charleville Forest Castle

In Ireland, there is a ghostly tale regarding a castle located within the country. Built between 1798 and 1812, the castle served as the home to the Charleville family (hence the name, the Charleville Forest Castle). In an effort to showcase the flashy preferences of the family, the first Earl of Charleville Charles William Bury and designer, Francis Johnston worked with one another to construct the castle that holds a curious tale.


In order to create such an elaborate structure, it took more time than the designers had planned and the more money they spend, the more complicated the timeline became. The Charleville family also didn’t make matters any better with their overindulgent tastes. They lived beyond their piggy bank figures, which often hindered the progress of the castle’s building. Sometimes the construction of the castle would stop for a bit until the family could financially fulfill their dreams.


Some of the impressive features that the castle held included decorative detail regarding the ceiling within the dining room area, which was the handiwork of William Morris. This piece of the castle can still be viewed to this very day. Throughout the years of the castle, the family would actually reside, but for the most part, this illustrious fixture in Ireland often accommodated no one. By the time the 60s rolled around, the castle was practically abandoned by the Charlevile family members.


Presently, the Charleville Forest Castle is now the property of Bridget Vance, who is currently revamping the appearance of the castle to the point of its former majesticness. But unfortunately, these desires have been met with opposition. The construction has been a bumpy road to say the least. It isn’t for lack of money and it isn’t for lack of commitment, but because of the ghosts that haunt the premises.


The local workers diligently repairing the castle believe they have disturbed spirits attached to the residence. The haunting characteristics of this site have been recognized all through the country and many refer to the property as one of the “spookiest castles” in the land. Why you might ask? Well, for starters, it’s quite eerie when you hear the unexplainable sounds of children playing in a nursery that is no longer in use. Ghostly kids on the premises have been causing mischief throughout the years, including locking Vance’s daughter within the cupboard of the nursery.


An overnight guest of the castle named Richard Hayes also had an encounter with strange happenings at this site. While curled up on the floor, he spent the night with the lights on and the door open because he had caught wind of a drunken conversation between two ghosts hailing from a different era.


Another ghost who is quite recognizable around the castle is that of the young girl named Harriet. One day, while climbing up and down the stair during playtime, she decided to slide down the banister of the winding staircase. Unfortunately, she fell to her death and to this day, many witnesses claim to have seen her ghost, spiraling down the staircase in the same manner, which took her life.