The Treacherous History of Leap Castle

When it comes to visiting paranormal sites about Ireland, you might want to check out some of the haunted castles that can be found in the area. In this particular article, we will take a look at the Leap Castle, which can be found in Offaly. It is an interesting, as well as brutal history that makes this castle a great place to explore the haunted nature of this exciting 16th century find.


Starting the journey throughout Ireland in search of haunted castles, you will find a rather bloody tale regarding the Leap Castle, located in Leap, Offaly. Throughout the years, this castle has held tight to the title of being one of the most haunted castles in all of Ireland. This is probably because this site possesses a bloody history that took place when a family by the name of the O’Carroll’s called this castle their home.


During the 16th century, there was a lot of feuding going on between various clans in the area. All of this disagreement led to enormous amounts of bloodshed and terror. Many lived in fear as there was never any warning to where some of this warring would strike next. During this time of discourse, numerous tales swirled about town, regarding some of the devious acts that were committed. For instance, one story reveals the unfortunate demise of dinner guests being invited to the castle and then serving as prey during a massacre before dessert even hit the table.


The O’Carrolls held quite a reputation, especially one male family member by the name of Teige. He was so ruthless that he was thought to have murdered his flesh and blood (brother) while praying at the alter. Despite his kneeling position, he was slaughtered.


During 1922, the house met a great obstacle. A fire broke out and destroyed a great portion of the grounds. As people arrived at the site to clean up the premises, they found something quite disturbing throughout the dungeons, which were located underneath the foundation of the castle. A large amount of human bones were removed from the dungeons. Not just one bone or a few, but several sets of bones. What poor souls do you think met their untimely death at the castle?


Today, visitors come to the site while touring Ireland. They have reported to feel quite odd when coming in contact with the castle. Some believed that their life was in danger; while others just “felt” that there was a deep sense of evil about the area. Beyond experiencing an odd or threatening feeling, some witnesses claim they have come in contact with the ghost of a woman. When describing her, she has been seen wearing a red gown. Perhaps, a former member of the Carroll family or simply a victim?


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