The Whispering Skies Over Yellowstone Lake

Since the first appearance of mysterious noises in the sky over Kiev, the world has seen an increase in the number of unexplained noises in the sky.  This increase has become its own phenomenon with dozens of videos being uploaded to Youtube every month and more witnesses than researchers can keep track of.  But the phenomenon has been seen before, appearing around Yellowstone Lake.  Here, witnesses say they can hear whispers occasionally drifting in from the morning sky.

The sounds, which have been appearing since the 1800’s have an eerie sound that has been described somewhere between a whisper and a whistle.  In 1872, F.H. Bradley reported that the sounds were like a hoarse whine, while Edwin Linton described it as sounding more like a harp – possible accompanied by a chorus off in the distance.  Considering the remoteness of the area these travelers were walking through, it’s more than a little disturbing to think it might have come from an intelligent source.

And while some of the early accounts can be dismissed as coming from a single source, the later accounts show that this phenomenon has been around for quite some time – spanning several generations who are all equally perplexed by the sound.  And as technology progressed, the explanations progressed with it.  Everything from a hidden telegraph line to radio transmissions reacting to nearby ore deposits in the ground have been proposed as a possible explanation to explain the mysterious harp-like music and whispering voices.

But not all explanations center around technology.  The voices have been blamed on a number of other sources as well, including a host of paranormal voices summoned to the area by forces more ancient than humanity’s memory can reach.  The noises appear at random locales with no discernable source and often conflicting directional sources.  The individuals involved often report feeling ill at ease when the mysterious whispering wafts over the hilltops and gently sloping waves of the lake.  Some have even proposed it could be the work of some ancient civilization that once existed around Yellowstone.

Still, when we look at the sounds involved in the Kiev sighting and then apply the mysterious descriptions offered by those who have heard the Yellowstone Lake whispers, a disturbing similarity can be drawn.  One witness, a man in Edwin Linton’s traveling party suggested the sounds had a sort of “twisting… yow-yow sound” to them.  Looking back on the footage taken from Kiev, the sound could be identical in both cases.

Is Yellowstone one of the early examples of a phenomenon that has begun roaming all over the world from logging camps in Canada to the wintry cities of Kiev?  With more people stepping outside to hear chilling noises in the sky, it may be worth taking a second look at this spot in Yellowstone Lake.  This haunting location, with its legends almost lost to obscurity, may hold answers to some of the pressing questions haunting us today.  When the sky speaks, what does it say?