The White Lady of Rochester

Located in a city in New York, there is a ghost named the White Lady, who calls Rochester her home. There is a legend attached to this ghost, whose story can be traced many, many years ago. It starts with a young girl and from there; we see the reasoning behind the ghost’s haunting nature.


The young teenage girl lived close to a beach in the area named Durand Eastman in a home she built together with her mother. Her tale begins when one day, she told her mother that she decided to take a walk along the beach. It was an activity that she adored very much, as she loved the beach and went on walks almost every day of her life.


Even after she encountered an odd man, who lived up the street from them, she continued with her daily excursions. She told her mother that the man was quite weird and made her feel uneasy whenever she came in contact with him. Yet in still, she refused to abandon her daily ritual. One night, the girl’s life took a turn for the worst. She started out like she always did, going for a walk on the beach, but her mother began to get worried when she did not return at her usual time. As nighttime lingered, the mother set out to find her child on her own.


She started along the beach with her search, finally reaching the path that her daughter normally took to reach the beach, as well as find her way home. She was nowhere to be found. Her last resort was to cal the police and when they arrived, she told them about her daughter’s activities and habits. She even mentioned about the suspicious man that lived down the street that made her child feel uneasy. The police explained to her that they couldn’t arrest the man for potentially harming her daughter because her information was not enough to base an arrest on a “feeling.”


The search for the teenager wasn’t really furthered by the efforts of the police, but the mother refused to give up. She made it her personal ritual to go out onto the beach with her two dogs (both German Shepherds) and searched the area for clues. Years passed by and the whereabouts of the teenage girl never surfaced. The mother was unable to ever find a clue that shed light upon what happened to her beloved child.


Consumed with sadness, the mother decided to take her own life by jumping from a cliff located above Lake Ontario. It is said that the ghost of the mother haunts the beach, as she continues to search the area for her lost daughter. Witnesses claim they have seen her scouring the area with two dogs by her side. The disappearance of the teenager and the suicide of the mother don’t end there. The legend seems to continue through a local belief regarding unfaithfulness.


It is said that if your significant other (such as a husband or boyfriend) has been cheating on you, one of the things that you can do is take them to the park or lake. If it is true that they have been unfaithful, then the White Lady will become visible within the fog. It is he that will be the only one to spot this apparition and if he does catch sight of her, then he will not be able to contain himself pertaining to his transgressions and he will feel compelled to spill the beans about all that he has done wrong.


As for the teenage girl, her body was never recovered and to this day, no one knows what happened to her on that fateful walk on the beach.