Three Unforgettable Ghost Hunting Tools

When we read lists of gear to bring along on ghost hunts, the gear lists are often making the assumption that the expedition will be following the conventional model of setting up a central outpost or camp and then moving from there into the surrounding building or area.  But what are some other tools that ghost hunters have found to be indispensable while out hunting for haunts?  Here are a few more tips on important things to bring along.

Ghost hunters often move into abandoned locations where running water is not an option and the only things they can use are the things they bring with them.  And so rather than running to a sink to wash off your hands when an unexpected gust of wind blows a mysterious residue on your camera (or dust) it will be important to bring something along to keep the lens and other equipment clean.  And while it might sound strange, ghost hunters have often cited wet-wipes and lens cleaning gear as one of their top priorities for extended tours in dusty catacombs, haunted houses, graveyards, and basements.  Additionally a silk handkerchief or something similar used for keeping lenses clear has been recommended by seasoned ghost hunters who take image quality very seriously.

It’s often been said that extra batteries are important for the cameras and flashlights, but we’ve all seen the horror movie where the car simply won’t start for unexplainable supernatural reasons.  So if you’re heading out to a remote area, while it’s always good to keep extra cell phones handy it might also be important to keep an extra car charger in your vehicle just in case.  You definitely don’t want to be caught waiting until dawn with those howls in the distance from hungry wolves keeping you company.  Some car battery chargers work without depending on another car there to charge your battery.  And if it sounds simple to use, go ahead and familiarize yourself with how your specific device works anyway.  It will be much easier than learning while your entire group is terrified and wanting to leave.

Notebooks have been cited for a long time as the ghost hunter’s best friend.  But this is the technological age.  And so when you hear the word notebook, assuming you have enough power you might think about bringing a laptop computer with you to examine evidence while still out in the field.  Of course this will also require you have a sufficient power supply for the computers, but many laptop batteries can operate for over an hour without being completely drained meaning you can check up on some evidence and walk away while doing a more thorough analysis later when you’re back home.

And another problem that arises all too often.  Ghost hunts, while fun can become stressful events for some members.  Be sure to bring a bottle of aspirin for those members who find themselves suffering from headaches.  Ghost hunters who travel with psychics report that energies can have a profound effect on muscle aches and headaches under certain conditions.  And it never hurts to be prepared.