Tori Spelling Contacts Farrah Fawcett’s Ghost

After the one year anniversary of the death of Farrah Fawcett her fans are still dealing with her passing on, but Tori Spelling says she still has a message to get out to her loved ones, and in fact did so through the hollywood psychic John Edward in an encounter she has detailed in her latest book.

Just as we are fascinated by celebrities in life, we are equally compelled by their tragic passing and the details of their lives that can come out only after death.  The death of Michael Jackson was a juxtaposition with his life which was rife with controversy.  And after death of course he was seen by hundreds of fans worldwide who felt he held a special place in their hearts.  And after Fawcett’s death a similar sentiment was held by many who felt it was an untimely and unfortunate tragedy and still held her in high esteem both as an actress and an icon of a time still well remembered.  So just as Michael Jackson was seen by fans, friends, and family it seems no surprise that Farrah Fawcett would return as well to communicate with those she knew.

Tori Spelling was not deeply connected with Fawcett personally, and in fact had been intending to contact her father when she approached Mr. Edward in order to learn how he was doing after his death.  In an interview with Out magazine, Fawcett described the encounter as surreal.  And surreal seems the best word when thinking about the situation out of context.  Upon contacting a well known celebrity psychic, she discovers that rather than communicating with her father (whom most would recognize for his creation of the hit television show “Charlie’s Angels”) she instead contacted her deceased neighbor who gave her a message to send to her family.  The details of the message itself are understandably private, but the idea has captured the imagination of a public with many people still wanting to hear the final message from the actress.  There are many who will never have enough of the pop culture icons that become as close to them as their own friends and family.

On the other hand there has been a public outcry over Tori revealing her encounter in her book, suggesting there is a possibility that she did so in order to sell copies of her books.  The credibility of John Edward has come under fire also, and some have noted it would be strange for Fawcett to contact a celebrity psychic in order to speak with the neighbor of her parents rather than contact Mr. Edward to contact the family directly.  It’s of little doubt that it is not above human nature to resort to using the names of the deceased in order to further one’s own agenda, but others have contended that it is equally unfair to accuse Spelling of lying with no specific evidence to that effect.  Fame, the paranormal, and emotionally powerful thoughts and images are all generally accepted sources of mass controversy.  And when emotions are mixed with fame controversy seems inevitable.